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Listen Technologies to Create Inclusive Guest Experiences in Disney Parks

Listen Technologies to Create Inclusive Guest Experiences in Disney Parks

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Listen Technologies, the leading provider of assistive listening systems for 22 years, is collaborating with Disney Parks, Experiences and Products to develop advanced technology that provides a more inclusive experience for guests. Listen Technologies will develop assistive technologies and tour solutions utilising the Disney MagicALL suite of Disney SyncLink® Technologies.

MagicALL is an accessibility platform featuring a suite of proprietary technologies, intellectual property and patents that enable all guests to experience the magic of Disney. MagicALL is for guests with hearing loss, who are deaf or blind, or guests who speak a different language. Disney licenses MagicALL to other organisations so they can use this technology to enable magical guest experiences everywhere.

In collaboration with Disney, Listen Technologies solutions will pave the way to bring products to market that dramatically improve experiences and increase inclusion for users whether they are in a theme park, a performing arts centre, on a tour or other destination.

In 2018, Listen Technologies entered into a technology agreement with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to use Disney SyncLink, a synchronisation technology that delivers customised content and information. Together, the technology and solutions will deliver the right information at the right time and place to the right person, seamlessly.

“Imagine entering an immersive ride, exhibit, or performance and being able to listen in real-time to synchronised audio in your native language or hear clearly despite having hearing loss,” said Maile Keone, president of Listen Technologies. “Disney and Listen Technologies are making this possible. Our solutions, combined with Disney’s SyncLink Technology, will provide inclusive experiences for guests with hearing, visual or translation needs.”

“Disney is synonymous with delivering magical experiences to guests so Listen Technologies is thrilled to team with Disney on its MagicALL initiative and bring greater accessibility, inclusion and engagement to all people,” said Russ Gentner, CEO of Listen Technologies. “Listen Technologies is committed to improving life’s experiences by providing exceptional, personalised audio and content on any platform at any venue.”

Listen Technologies products provide a new level of connectivity by utilising a variety of advanced solutions for assistive listening as well as customised content for guided and self-guided tours. Listen Technologies will extend the inclusive, Disney MagicALL experience to concert halls, museums, houses of worship, stadiums, walking tours, and more, providing the technology to allow all types of venues to offer immersive experiences.

“We have a commitment to share our accessibility know-how and technology with companies around the world to help enhance experiences for everyone,” said Chief Safety Officer and Vice President for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Greg Hale. “We are pleased to license Disney SyncLink® Technology to Listen Technologies to further develop seamless synchronised Disney© MagicALL experiences for guests with hearing, visual or language needs.”

Wyrestorm Creates Case Study for Elite Football’s Audio Visual Solution

Wyrestorm Creates Case Study for Elite Football’s Audio Visual Solution

There’s no doubt that we had a ball with Wyrestorm’s AV-over-IP solution when crafting and delivering the audio visual solution for Elite Football in Maribyrnong. Now, the wonderful team at Wyrestorm have collated and released their very own case study summary of the project, highlighting the scope of works along with some in-depth analyses from James Sismanes of our projects team.

wyrestorm elite football audio visual case study

Click here to view the full case study or check out a snippet below:

Elite Football in Maribyrnong is Melbourne’s ultimate indoor soccer experience. The team at Vision One Technologies – with no shortageof their own indoor football fanatics – collaborated with the team at Elite to create a stunning audio visual showpiece for their new facility powered by WyreStorm NetworkHD AV over IP. Vision One’s James Sismanes notes the decision to use WyreStorm to handle the AV signal management for this unique project was based on previous experience with the brand and the reliability offered by the company’s products: “We’ve been actively using WyreStorm’s range of HDMI extenders, splitters and switchers for some time now and have grown to rely on their durability. We’re in the business of automated upkeep without the constant need for service/repair/replacement and with WyreStorm’s product range, we’re confident knowing that any scope of works we recommend will be self-maintainable and as close to bulletproof as possible.”

Without doubt the highly visible centerpiece of the project is a 3×3 video wall comprising 9x Phillips Display Panels hanging 6m above the artificial turf below a Vogel custom mounting structure. The video wall primarily transmits content from Foxtel beIN Sports and Optus Fetch box.

wyrestorm elite football audio visual case study

Ralph Lauren Creates Holographic and Interactive Touch Screen Windows

Ralph Lauren Creates Holographic and Interactive Touch Screen Windows

Ralph Lauren is launching its first holographic and interactive touch screen window display to celebrate the release of its new Polo Sport line. The new technologically-advanced display is in-line with the brand’s new smart shirt, which is releasing as part of the Polo Sport line.

The display will show five different vignettes that represent Polo Sport’s core qualities of strength, speed, movement, and style. It will also use motion-sensing infrared cameras to watch passerby and replicate their movements on the screen. There will also be interactive touch screen elements involved.

“Ralph Lauren has been on the cutting edge of fashion and technology for over a decade and continues to reimagine shopping using unparalleled technology that transcends retail,” Ralph Lauren’s vice president of global advertising, marketing, and corporate communications David Lauren said. In the past, Ralph Lauren has put on a 4D runway show at NYFW and let customers customize a T-shirt using an interactive window display.

Want to implement holographic and/or interactive touch screen technologies in your school or business? Contact us today for more.

Interactive Projectors Changing Classrooms

Interactive Projectors Changing Classrooms

A requirement for upgraded AV capabilities saw Christchurch New-Zealand-based St Margaret’s College turn to imaging solutions specialists Epson, with the Epson EB-485Wi and EB-585Wi interactive ultra-short throw projectors chosen to be utilised acrossed the school.

Blake Richardson, technical systems manager at St Margaret’s College, says the school required upgrades for two main reasons.

“Due to the Canterbury earthquakes, we lost over 80% of our buildings and secondly the projectors we had were a mix of new and old from various manufacturers,” Richardson explains.

Richardson and his team evaluated all the current projectors on the market that would meet St Margaret’s high standards.

“After the earthquakes a new campus plan was drawn up which included three new classroom blocks and the renovation of a fourth block,” he says. “Our requirements meant that the projectors all be the same brand, of particularly high quality and that they fully met the purpose for which they would be used.”

St Margaret’s College uses projectors in every one of their learning spaces, so a bright and clear image was essential, Richardson says.

The EB-485Wi and EB-585Wi are reliable interactive projectors packed with innovative interactive features.

“We were particularly impressed with the high quality of the image and the low cost of replacement lamps for both EB-485Wi and the EB-585Wi projectors. We also really liked the fact that these projectors allowed us to do away with our Interactive White boards and give each classroom the same features.”



“We use the EB-485Wi and the EB-585Wi ultra-short throw projectors in all of our learning spaces and these provide a nice bright and clear image,” Richardson says. “Our large boarders dining room has an Epson EB-X14 installed, which is used for internal and external events. We also have two Epson EB-G5750WU installation projectors attached to a HDMI matrix in our auditorium and an Epson EB-G6250W which projects onto our large cyclorama screen. “

He adds, “We are very happy with all of the Epson projectors we have chosen and feedback from our staff and students is very positive.



“Our new EB-485Wi and the EB-585Wi ultra-short throw projectors work very well in the classroom and are a massive improvement from our older projectors.”

The EB-595Wi projector is Epson’s flagship interactive projector model, and is the world’s first 3LCD, finger touch-enabled interactive projector, ideal for the classroom environment. Epson are also the leaders of interactive projectors in the market.



The EB-595Wi boasts better brightness, up to 3,300 lumens allowing the screen to be easily viewed from anywhere in a classroom without dimming lights, increased contrast ratio (now 10,000:1) and longer lamp life (up to 6,000 hours in ECO mode), giving better cost efficiencies and savings.

The EB-595Wi offers digital connectivity including two HDMI ports with one port supporting MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) for mirroring connectivity with Android mobile devices.

There is also wireless projection when used with an optional LAN card (using peer to peer wireless and Epson’s EasyMP Network Projection software) and projector control using multi-PC projection software with a Moderator function, which enables up to 50 devices to connect to the projector and the managing and controlling of up to four images displayed on the screen. In terms of audio there is a 16W built-in speaker with enough audio power to fill most classrooms and advanced networking capabilities for when users need to monitor, control and present from a remote location. There is no driver installation required for PCs.

The EB-595Wi projectors take Epson’s ultra-short throw interactive projectors range up a further notch with not only finger touch-enabled interactivity but also PC Interactivity. Epson’s latest and enhanced PC interactive software Easy Interactive Tools provides an intuitive user interface and enhanced interactive features.



The interactive EB-595Wi offers dual pen interactivity enabling teacher and student to annotate at the same time. The smaller pen that comes with selectable function side button and a new on-screen projector control tool bar that allows users to power OFF, switch sources, zoom in and out and turn the volume up and down.

All Epson projectors, including both the EB-485Wi and EB-585Wi projectors are based on superior 3-chip LCD technology, giving vibrant realistic colours, high quality detail and solid reliability.

Epson projectors also 3LCD engines that have no colour wheel with a white segment which, in practical terms, means Epson projectors have up to 3x brighter colours than their leading competitive 1-chip DLP projectors

Inside Active Learning Classrooms

Video caption: The new Science Teaching and Student Services building at the University of Minnesota will have 10 Active Learning Classrooms. Active Learning Classrooms allow for students to experience a more interactive and conversational educational environment. With round tables for discussion and high-tech accessories for interactivity, these classrooms will service more than 125 class sections this fall.

A Video Wall With a Twist

A Video Wall With a Twist


A cellular store in a Canadian mall wanted to catch the eyes of passing shoppers. The architect wanted more than a simple 5×5 video wall and designed it to fit into a corner with the last column on the adjacent surface. On top of that, the installer only had 3-4 days to get the job done.

“The challenge was the super narrow bezel, a 90 degree bend, and to maintain serviceability,” said Gil Gauthier, Certified Technology Design Specialist at Advance Pro in Winnipeg, Canada. Advance Pro is an electronic systems integrator for audio, video, communications, security and multimedia.




Gauthier said the biggest advantage of the ConnexSys system is the ability to hang the mount from standard strut channel, a common item for AV installers. “It’s kind of like the Lego block of the installer world,” he added.

Senior technician, Joe Premecz, expects to encounter imperfect walls on the job site, which makes lining up displays a challenge with individual mounts. The use of strut channel, though, to provide an even reference surface, allowed him to accommodate the distortions of the wall.

“By attaching the mounts to the steel, the panels were near proper alignment from the start,” he said.

The installer only had three days on site to put in the wall on top of working around the electrician, flooring and lighting installers. They were using ultra narrow NEC displays with no bezel and a total gap of 1 millimeter between displays. On top of that, the last column’s perpendicular placement would be a huge challenge.

To meet that challenge, Premecz said the ability to slide the displays horizontally and adjust the depth made it easy to line up the corner edges. They spent half a day making sure the strut channel was installed and square, then put up the 25 panels in about three hours.

“They were a huge time saver,” Premecz said.side shot

Though there was a short turn around for delivery, Chief was able to ship the new mounts directly from the factory to arrive on site when needed.

“I know the installer kind of went white when he heard the 90 degree part,” Gauthier said. “It’s already a challenge to line up. If it wasn’t for those brackets, I don’t know how he would have done it.”

The micro adjustment allowed by the ConnexSys system to line up the screens safely before locking them in place, the quick leveling using strut channel to hang the main row of four screens, and the need for ultra precise alignment for the high definition content made the job possible.

“There’s no way it would have happened otherwise,” Gauthier said. “It keeps the installer happy. It keeps the job on track. And even if the customer doesn’t care about the bracket, they care that the wall works.”

Serviceability was also key. They needed front access to adjust and change content and software. The RapidDraw release system helped the installer pop out only the displays he needed to access at the time.



The client is running live video, sporting events, and ads to draw people in to the store. Gauthier said any specs he does, he just puts Chief in now – that whatever extra price might be involved is more than covered by savings in installation costs, allowing the company to work tighter deadlines.

“Chief listened to installers,” Gauthier said. “This is a prime example of making life easier for installation guys. They said this makes life better and easier. It makes clients happier. The overall project was easier and smoother. It’s win win win. By looking after the installers, we are looking after everybody.”

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