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Pizza Hut Turns Boxes Into Movie Projectors

Pizza Hut in Hong Kong has brought movies and pizza together with its new Blockbuster Box Pizza, which can instantly turn into a smartphone-powered LCD projector. Ogilvy Hong Kong spearheaded the creation of the box for Pizza Hut’s new marketing stunt.

The pizza table inside the special Blockbuster boxes features a lens, which can be inserted into the side of the box after the perforated hole is punched out, reported Business Insider.

Once the lens is in place, use a smartphone as the movie source. Place it in the center of the box and the lens will magnify the image from the phone screen and project it onto a wall.

In addition to the LCD projector, the boxes also have a QR code for one of four downloadable movies. The movies’ genres correspond to the box ordered: Slice Night (horror), Anchovy Armageddon (science-fiction), Hot & Ready (romance) and Fully Loaded (action).

How to use a DVI to VGA converter (comedy video)

We won’t lie.. We simply could not stop laughing after watching this video!

Internet user ‘iJustine’ teaches the YouTube community how to connect a Macbook Pro to an external monitor through the use of a VGA to DVI converter. The step-by-step procedure and the results are incredibly dry in humour, but down-right hilarious.

Oh the complexities of the good ol’ VGA cable!

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