Awesome Island Animated Sand

  • Description

    Awesome Island’s Animated Sand offers a highly therapeutic and relaxing sand play experience that stimulates exploration and nurtures imagination in young children, contributing to their overall development. Within Animated Sand, children are encouraged to engage in imaginative sand play by digging, constructing and exploring in response to the changing animations.

    Animated Sand blends the latest in technology with the beloved pastime of playing in the sand. The system examines the sand’s surface and projects content based on the children’s creations, offering an immersive and interactive experience.

    Animated Sand introduces two captivating themes:

    Sand Artist — kids can build up sand onto characters that materialise on the surface. Once the character is fully shaped, it becomes coloured and springs to life.

    Creature River — in this theme, children craft their own world by manipulating, drawing and scooping the sand, which transforms the landscape to match their creative whims.