Awesome Island Dynamic Slide

  • Description

    The Dynamic Slide at Awesome Island merges traditional playground sliding with cutting-edge motion-sensing technology. Children can engage with virtual content as they glide down the slide, injecting a new level of excitement into the traditional sliding experience. The interactive slide system is mounted on the ceiling, featuring a projector and motion sensor set at a 45-degree angle to ensure seamless interactivity.

    The Dynamic Slide offers ten exciting themes:

    Fruit Slide — an exhilarating game on a typical slide in the children’s park, where kids roll down and slice through virtual fruits.

    Watercolour Slide — paintings concealed behind dark clouds gradually emerge as children descend the slide, causing the clouds to dissipate as it reveals the full picture.

    Recycling Slide — various recyclable items are projected onto the slide. As children slide down, the recyclables separate and glide towards their designated collection points.

    Monster Slide — a playful pile of adorable monsters transforms into whimsical ghosts as kids descend down the slide.

    Lava Slide — a fiery lava field is shown on the slide’s surface. As children slide down, the rocks shatter and molten lava emerges.

    Flower Slide — children rolling down the slide disperse flowers from its surface, prompting new blossoms to bloom in their wake.

    Cube Slide — assorted character cubes stacked up on the slide burst and vanish as children descend down the slide.

    Clover Slide — an abundance of clover blooms on the slide, but as children glide down, the clover disappears in a radiant burst of light.

    Candy Slide — the slide showers candy, and as kids slide downward, the candy begins to pop.

    Balloon Slide — various character balloons decorate the slide, and as children slide down, the balloons playfully burst into the air.