Awesome Island Fantastic Wall

  • Description

    Awesome Island’s Fantastic Wall unleashes your inner adventurer through interactive activities like tapping, target-hitting, and using plastic balls to conquer exciting missions. This dynamic experience is designed for multiple players, fostering physical activity while nurturing bonds and encouraging cooperation among participants.

    With the help of specialised equipment, children are given sheets where they can create and colour their very own characters. This system brings these drawings to life on the projected surface and within moments, children can interact with and watch their characters come to life, moving all across the screen.

    Fantastic Wall unfolds across 10 captivating themes:

    Butterfly Park — in the enchanting summer forest, colourful butterflies and dragonflies take flight. Strike them with a ball to witness a burst of dazzling effects.

    Creature Cave — the city faces a looming threat as monsters emerge from the mysterious cave. Arm yourself with a ball or shooting gun and ward off the approaching menace.

    Machine Revolt — inexplicably, machines go haywire during development. Your mission: halt the rogue machines from advancing further.

    Firefly Forest — illuminate the dark forest as fireflies dance around. Use your skills to brighten this enchanting woodland.

    Dragon Island — embark on a quest to the legendary island teeming with dragons. Freeze these magnificent creatures to aid intrepid researchers in their quest for knowledge.

    Rainbow Bridge — in this fairytale world, the sun, stars and clouds descend along the rainbow bridge. Harness the power of your actions to create breathtaking effects.

    Deadman Revival — monsters stir in the eerie cemetery, threatening to disrupt the peace. Strike them down and restore serenity to this solemn place.

    Jelly Invasion — earth faces an invasion by jelly aliens wreaking havoc on the city. Rise to the challenge and protect our planet from these intergalactic intruders.

    Halloween Party — on the darkest Halloween night, ghosts haunt the mountain village and roam the streets. Defend the village by defeating these apparitions.

    Planet Destruction — during your cosmic journey, numerous planets appear, posing a grave threat to your spacecraft. Obliterate them and safeguard the interstellar voyage.