MultiBall Interactive Sports Wall

  • Description

    MultiBall is an interactive smart sports wall and gaming platform designed to enhance the allure of sports for individuals of all age groups, seamlessly merging physical activity with gaming. By incorporating advanced precision sensors and motion tracking technology, MultiBall offers a diverse array of enjoyable games catering to children, as well as intricate training modules tailored for numerous sports disciplines.

    Games & Applications:

    Education—educational games combine physical activity and learning to develop skills in maths, geography and more.
    Exercise—engage in a variety of sports games which provide a highly engaging and attractive experience to make people move.
    Entertainment—entertainment games are suitable for all ages and skill levels to enjoy sports fun to foster a quality active lifestyle.

    MultiBall LED.

    The MultiBall LED is furnished with premium, high-resolution LEDs capable of enduring impacts reaching speeds of up to 300 km/h, offering unmatched interactive fun whenever you want.

    Backed by an advanced system, simple installation and operation and a luminosity suitable even for use under bright sunlight, this LED system provides unsurpassed enjoyment for a wide spectrum of applications. Whether it’s for professional training, dynamic entertainment, event services or captivating brand activation campaigns, this level of interactive gaming and sports engagement has never been so effortlessly executed.

    Tailored to Any Setting.

    MultiBall is available in three distinct sizes, ensuring an impeccable fit to perfectly match the space requirements of your facility. The system comprises a sleek stainless steel frame that easily mounts onto any flat surface.

    MultiBall Mini—play area: 380 x 380 cm
    MultiBall Club—play area: 460 x 460 cm
    MultiBall Pro—play area: 540 x 540 cm

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