Awesome Island Colouring World

  • Description

    Awesome Island’s innovative interactive system seamlessly blends animation and hand-drawn art on a vividly projected surface, inviting young adventurers to tap and engage with the unique characters they bring to life.

    Colouring World boasts an array of 11 captivating themes, each offering its own unique adventure:

    Under the Sea — dive into the depths of the ocean and colour your fishy friends, then tap to fend off menacing sharks and ensure their safety.

    SeaTopia — beneath the waves, your colourful fish companions come alive, dancing to the rhythm of your taps in the deep sea.

    Shine Forest — breathe life into insect companions with your colouring and watch them come alive.

    Starry Night Fairy World — venture into the charming mountain village inhabited by radiant fairy friends. Bring them to life with your colours and tap to witness their enchanting animations.

    Monet Train Station — immerse yourself in the world of Impressionist art as you colour and tap various characters in the backdrop of Monet’s masterpiece, “Saint Lazar.”

    Liz Friends — join Liz and her bike-riding pals as they explore the whimsical Candyland. Colour Liz’s friends and create cherished memories together.

    Wish Lantern — gaze at the night sky adorned with countless sky lanterns. Tap a lantern bearing your wish and watch it soar into the stars.

    Insect World — enter the mysterious forest inhabited by peculiar insect companions. Colour these curious creatures and tap to reveal their mesmerising movements.

    Space City — travel to a distant space city, where a diverse array of aliens awaits and use your laser gun to fend off space monsters.

    Animal Kingdom — explore the delightful Animal Kingdom, where cute animal characters roam freely. Bring them to life with your colouring skills and watch them respond with charming sounds and captivating visual effects.