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Max Kirwan Mazda – Video Wall

Elevating Experiences at Max Kirwan Mazda Sales Centre

  • Max Kirwan Mazda

  • December 2023

  • Philips 55" 55BDL4107X X-Line Video Wall Solutions Displays, QW03-46T Video Wall Pop-Out Brackets, FSMPv2 Fusion Signage Android Media Player with 3-Year Advanced License

With a vision to maintain a position at the forefront of innovation, Vision One Technologies recently transformed the Max Kirwan Mazda Sales Centre’s refurbished space with a cutting-edge audio-visual video wall solution. Max Kirwan Mazda is one of Australia’s leading and most awarded car dealerships, offering a range of new and used vehicles, as well as parts and servicing.

The Challenge

Max Kirwan Mazda sought a visually striking centerpiece for their sales center, demanding seamless integration with a sleek design.

A Where Where Innovation Meets Automotive

Vision One deployed four Philips 55BDL4107X X-Line Video Wall Solutions Displays, creating a 2×2 video wall with a total display size of 2424.4mm W x 1366mm H. The 1.76mm Bezel-to-Bezel design delivered an uninterrupted visual canvas. The Philips X-Line Videowall display brings content to life to ensure absolute audience engagement in every setting.

On-site builders collaborated to construct a recess cavity, enabling a flush installation that seamlessly integrated with the wall. Each panel was expertly mounted on Q-Tee QW03-46T Video Wall Pop-Out Brackets for maximum flexibility.

Content delivery was powered by the robust FSMPv2 Fusion Signage Android Media Player, complemented by a Fusion Signage 3-Year Advanced License Subscription. The HDMI OUT from the Fusion Signage Android Media Player was intricately cabled, utilising the DisplayPort loopthrough feature of the video wall panels. This configuration, coupled with video wall tiling mode, resulted in a captivating image seamlessly spanning all four screens.

The Outcome

The Max Kirwan Mazda Sales Centre now boasts a mesmerising video wall, providing a dynamic focal point that enhances customer engagement. Vision One Technologies delivered not just a display solution but an immersive experience aligned with Max Kirwan Mazda’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Overall Benefits:
  1. Flexible Content Design: Whether it’s showcasing new car models, promotional videos, or interactive presentations, Max Kirwan Mazda gains versatile options to tailor content based on customer preferences and marketing strategies.
  2. High-Resolution Imagery: The Philips 55BDL4107X delivers high-resolution imagery, ensuring that every detail of the showcased cars is vivid and clear. This benefit is especially critical in the automotive industry, where customers scrutinise design elements and features.
  3. Seamless Multi-Screen Presentation: Video walls facilitate a seamless multi-screen presentation, enhancing the storytelling potential for Max Kirwan Mazda. They can showcase panoramic views of car interiors, highlight key features, and create visually appealing narratives that resonate with potential buyers.
  4. Brand Differentiation: The modern and tech-forward presentation through the video wall contributes to brand differentiation for Max Kirwan Mazda. It positions the dealership as an industry leader that invests in cutting-edge technology to enhance the customer experience.
  5. Real-time Updates and Promotions: Utilising Fusion Signage’s capabilities, Max Kirwan Mazda can implement real-time updates and promotions. Whether it’s showcasing limited-time offers, financing options, or new model launches, the video wall becomes a dynamic tool for keeping customers informed.

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