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Box Hill High School – Library Audio Visual System

Box Hill High Upgrades Library with new Presentation AV

  • Box Hill High School

  • December 2023

  • Epson EB-L735U WUXGA Laser Projector, Grandview IP Smart Screen 130" (16:9), Audac KYRA6/W Designer Column Speakers, Audac MFA208 All-in-One Mini Mixer Amplifier, MiPro Wireless Handheld Microphone System with Receiver and ACT32H-5 Handheld Microphone, JED T460 Wall Controller

Box Hill High School is a co-educational public secondary school located in Melbourne, fostering respect, creativity, resilience and growth amongst their students. Recognising the evolving landscape of digital education, the school sought the expertise of Vision One Technologies to maintain and elevate their AV/T standards.

The Challenge

In pursuit of a cutting-edge AV/T solution, Box Hill High School identified the need for an impressive projection system within its library. Vision One Technologies was entrusted with the task of providing a solution that aligned with the school’s commitment to delivering high-quality education in a digital era.

The Solution
Cutting-Edge Projection.

To meet the requirments for astonishing quality and reliability, Vision One installed the Epson EB-L735U WUXGA Laser Projector. This projector boasts outstanding features, including a remarkable 7,000-lumen brightness, Full HD WUXGA resolution and versatile connectivity options, such as HDBaseT and HDMI. The projector, equipped with screen mirroring and lens shift capabilities, ensures a seamless and immersive learning experience.

A Simple Screen.

Seamlessly complementing the projector, Vision One opted for the Grandview IP 130″ Smart Screen. The Grandview GRIP series, known for their high quality and motorised design, proved to be an ideal fit for educational settings. This smart screen not only delivers exceptional visual experiences but also offers the convenience of hiding away when not in use, presenting a simple solution for efficient operation in educational environments.

Impeccable Audio.

For an immersive audio experience, Vision One selected all-familiar Audac products, including the Audac KYRA6/W Designer Column Speakers. Positioned on either side of the projection screen, these column speakers feature high-quality materials and advanced technology to deliver extraordinary detail and clarity for both music and speech.

In conjunction with the column speakers, the Audac MFA208 All-in-One Mini Mixer Amplifier was installed. This award-winning amplifier, designed with class D amplifier technology, provides versatile options for powering stereo systems and offers compatibility with constant voltage setups.

For seamless operation during meetings or speeches, Vision One provided the MiPro Wireless Handheld Microphone System, including the ACT32H-5 Handheld Microphone. This modest yet powerful system ensures high fidelity, wide frequency response and accurate sound reproduction, contributing to crisp and clear audio experiences.

Operational Simplicity.

Our uniquely-custom Vision One JED T460 Wall Controller was installed for system control and management, offering simplicity in operational command and usability.

The Impact

With Vision One’s innovative AV/T solutions, Box Hill High School now boasts an impressive projector setup and an immersive audio system. This upgrade not only meets but exceeds the school’s expectations, providing a high-end and elegant AV/T setup that enhances the educational experience for students.

Overall Benefits:
  • Enhanced Learning Environment: the cutting-edge projection system and smart screen create a visually engaging learning environment, fostering increased student participation and understanding.
  • Seamless Operation and Efficiency: the integration of Grandview’s smart screen and Audac’s audio solutions allows for easy operation, enhancing efficiency during classes, meetings and presentations.
  • Immersive Audio Experience: the Audac audio system, coupled with the MiPro Wireless Microphone System, provides an immersive audio experience, ensuring clear communication and dynamic presentations.
  • Elevating Educational Capabilities: the overall upgrade in AV/T capabilities elevates the educational experience for both educators and students, aligning with Box Hill High School’s commitment to excellence.

Vision One Technologies continues to pioneer innovation in AV/T solutions, demonstrating how technology can be seamlessly integrated into educational spaces to elevate the learning environment.

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