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Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School – Cafeteria Digital Signage

Transforming Cafeteria Communication: A Digital Signage Success Story

  • Camberwell Girls' Grammar School

  • April 2024

  • 4x Philips 86" 86BDL4550D D-Line Signage Solutions Displays on Vogels PFW 6815 Display Portrait Wall Mounts, BrightSign XC4055, BSNSUB12CL - 1 year Content Cloud Subscription

In the bustling cafeteria of Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School, a transformation is underway. What was once a space adorned with static posters has now evolved into an interactive hub of dynamic digital signage, thanks to Vision One Technologies.

Facing the challenge of modernising communication channels, the school sought to revamp its traditional static displays with a more engaging and flexible solution. Enter Vision One, armed with cutting-edge digital signage technology to revolutionise the way information is shared within the school community.

The scope of the project was ambitious yet precisely tailored to meet the school’s needs. To replace the existing static posters, Vision One Technologies proposed the installation of four Philips 86″ 86BDL4550D D-Line Signage Solutions Displays in portrait orientation.

These displays, renowned for their crystal-clear visuals and robust build quality, offer an impressive canvas for showcasing vibrant content.

CGGS Cafeteria Digital Signage AV Melbourne

Mounted securely on Vogels PFW 6815 Display Portrait Wall Mounts, each Philips display stands tall, commanding attention and providing optimal viewing angles for students and staff alike. The installation required careful planning, with Vision One Technologies recommending the construction of a false/structural wall to support the combined weight of the displays and facilitate the necessary power, data, and HDMI cabling.

At the heart of the digital signage ecosystem lies the BrightSign XC4055 media player, a powerhouse of performance and reliability. Equipped with 12 Months MiSupport, this player seamlessly integrates with the Philips displays, driving content playback with unparalleled efficiency. With four HDMI outputs, the BrightSign XC4055 enables both independent content playback and stretched content across all four screens, offering unparalleled versatility to the school.

Some of the standout features of the XC4055 include:

  1. Ultra-smooth motion graphics rendered at incredibly high framerates
  2. CSS animations, 3D WebGL & JavaScript
  3. Video walls & multiple screens with a single multi-output player
  4. Stunning 8K video & graphics
  5. Hardware accelerated 4K video rotation
CGGS Cafeteria Digital Signage AV Melbourne

The benefits of this transformative solution extend beyond mere aesthetics.

By digitising the previous pinboard areas dedicated to house information, Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School empowers students to deliver content virtually and remotely via the cloud. This newfound flexibility not only streamlines communication within the school but also fosters a sense of ownership and engagement among students.

Through the seamless integration of state-of-the-art technology, Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School now boasts a dynamic cafeteria environment where information flows freely and engagement thrives.

As the school embraces the digital age, Vision One Technologies remains committed to supporting its ongoing journey towards innovation and excellence in education.

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