Videri Canvas Digital Display

  • Description
    Beautiful, high-impact, simple and scalable.

    Elegant and on the bleeding edge of hardware design, Videri Canvases can be used alone or combined to create experiences that bring your digital content to life in places where traditional digital doesn’t fit.

    The Spark Series

    Enhanced clarity and vibrancy are supported by upgraded screen haze and reduced glare. IPS LCD display panel technology provide the best colour and viewing angles. WiFi6 and Bluetooth 5.2 enable faster and more stable connectivity while best in class processing capabilities with 4K UHD means content is rendered smoothly and apps are launched effortlessly.

    Key Features:

    – Low power consumption – up to 50% less power consumption than traditional displays
    – Schedule brightness and set to 0 during off hours
    – ADA compliant, ESG friendly
    – Ultra slim, flush mount with thin bezels
    – No external media players
    – System on a Chip (Android™) lets you run corporate apps and services to push dynamic content automatically
    – In 5 unique shapes and sizes