SKU: XC2055.

BrightSign XC2055 Elite Digital Signage Media Player

  • Description

    Multiple HDMI outputs, elite HTML performance and stunning 8K makes the BrightSign XC5 Series the most powerful player in the digital signage industry. Crafting video wall presentations are hugely streamlined, support 4K video rotation and isn’t limited to just video. Highly sophisticated HTML content that supports 3D motion graphics, JavaScript and interactivity in 8K is yet another application where the BrightSign XC5 Series can make your signage truly stand out. Redefining digital signage applications across multiple displays and with powerful HTML is what the BrightSign XC5 Series was designed for, making them the ideal choice to deliver expert experiences with confidence.

    Multiple HDMI Output

    – 2 HDMI output

    – Single player drives 2 screens at once

    Elite HTML Performance

    – 5x more graphics power

    – Full OpenGL support

    – Chromium-based platform

    Elite 8K Content Engine

    – Single 8K60p 8-bit video decoding

    – Dual 4K60p video decoding

    – 8K graphics & HTML

    – 4K video rotation to portrait mode

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