MultiTaction Curved iWall

  • Description

    The Curved MultiTaction iWall is a modular, highly customizable curved video wall display system. With this unique platform, users will benefit from key features such as ultra-fast responsiveness, simultaneous touch, IR pen and object recognition. It support for seamless integration across PCs, smart devices and other interactive displays allows users to easily save and access content created on the Curved MultiTaction iWall at any time. The combination of both the user experience and real-life objects is a new revelation in the methods used to deliver corporate information and accelerate business processes.

    Supporting an unlimited number of users, MultiTaction’s latest offering has curvatures of up to 360 degrees and widths up to 29 meters (96 feet). This is an ideal tool to transform communication methods at executive briefing centers, corporate lobbies and public locations globally.

    Key features of the MultiTaction Curved iWall include:

    – Modular, highly customizable
    – Ultra-fast responsiveness
    – Simultaneous and unlimited touch
    – IR pen and 2D code recognition

  • Video