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Lumo Play Motion Interactivity Floor Projection Software

  • Description

    Manage from anywhere.

    Lumo Play is Vision One’s very own commercial level motion interactivity product, developed for use with multiple installations including interactive floor projection and interactive projectors. It includes access to our online CMS system which enables you to manage all of your displays from anywhere you have internet access.


    Playlist support.

    Create playlists of any number of scenes for your interactive floor projection solution, and define what order, and how long you want each to play. Assign your playlists to the displays you wish them to appear on, and our software takes care of the rest.

    Lumo Play will automatically check for new playlists, and download any missing scenes it requires to run. This means once the display is setup, you should never need to directly access the computer running it to change content.


    Setting it up.

    Mount the projector to the ceiling and place a mirror near the lens to deflect the projection downwards. The mirror has to be at a 45 degree angle so that the projected image is not skewed. The mirror should be a first surface mirror.

    Shopping list:

    – computer

    – projector

    – first surface mirror

    – sensor

    – appropriate video cables

    – USB extension cable


    Important information for setup

    There are two versions of the Lumo Play interactive floor projection software. The first works with IR cameras such as the XBox Kinect, and the other is for use with USB webcams. Purchasing a license gives access to either version of the software depending on your needs.

    The IR camera version can auto-swap between IR and RGB camera feeds depending on the light in the room. If direct sunlight is present it will run on the RGB camera feed. In most other situations such as indoors, or dark environments IR will be used.

    The webcam version of Lumo Play will work with any standard USB webcam, giving access to a wider selection of cameras to use. This is also the only version that will run on MAC OS.

    Please note: the webcam version will not work in very low lighting.

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