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Monash Children’s Hospital – LUMOplay Interactive Fish Pond Floor Projection

Unlocking Joy through Digital Projection: Introducing, The Imagination Tree

  • Monash Children's Hospital

  • June 2023

  • Epson EB-PU1007W WUXGA Laser Projector, LumoPlay® Motion Interactivity Floor Projection Software, MadMapper Software License, Orbbec Astra Camera

Monash Children’s Hospital, a leading provider of integrated children’s health services in Clayton, Victoria, recently entrusted Vision One Technologies with creating an extraordinary interactive experience within their Moose Imagination Tree space. Driven by a passion for innovation, Vision One drew on the success of a previous project at Epworth Eastern Hospital, curating a solution that combined state-of-the-art equipment and interactive software, effectively bringing imagination to life.

A World of Pure Imagination.

Nestled within the heart of Monash Children’s Hospital, the Moose Imagination Tree is an enchanting interactive space envisioned by The Walt Disney Company and brought to life by Moose Toys. This magical and wondrous environment, officially opened in April 2021 by The Hon Martin Foley MP, Victorian Minister for Health, has been carefully crafted to offer solace, entertainment and happiness to children and adults alike. It serves as a refuge for patients, their siblings and their families, providing a small sense of relief amidst the challenges of hospital life.

Standing at over 16-metres tall, the Moose Imagination Tree spans four levels of Monash Children’s Hospital and encourages visitors to explore, restore and play through a variety of sensory experiences.

The Power of Projection.

At the core of the floor projection system was an Epson EB-PU1007W WUXGA Laser Projector, carefully mounted within the ceiling opening to ensure optimal projection angles and coverage. This cutting-edge projector guarantees vibrant and high-quality visuals that captivates the young mind and offers an unparalleled interactive experience.

Where Imagination Meets Reality.

Elevating the interactive elements to new heights, Vision One unleashed the power of LUMOPlay’s proprietary game-making platform, “Motion Maker.” This versatile software served a dual purpose: skillfully masking unwanted projection areas and precisely mapping the floor pond’s perimeter. Each, individual variable could be adjusted to suit the encompassing environment, including background, size and colour of fish and the impact and sensitivty of the “ripple” effect.

Harnessing Creativity.

One crucial aspect of the project involved the use of Adobe Photoshop to design the pond shape for the floor projection. Vision One’s skilled team utilised Photoshop to meticulously draw the desired pond outline, considering the available space and the ideal interactive experience. The finalised design was then converted into a digital image, which served as a mask within the LumoPlay® software. This image mask defined the boundaries of the projected area, resulting in precise projection mapping and a visually stunning pond effect.

Real-Time Interaction.

To detect and track movements, Vision One installed the Orbbec Astra Camera above the projector lens. This reliable and powerful 3D camera seamlessly integrated with the LumoPlay® software, facilitating real-time interaction and enabling users to actively participate in the projected environment.

Imagination Has No Age.

Through the collaborative effort with Monash Children’s Hospital, Vision One Technologies has successfully developed a transformative and captivating experience within the Moose Imagination Tree space. By harnessing the power of technology and creativity, this interactive solution has brought imagination to life, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of those who enter.

As Walt Disney once said:

“That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.”

But through visionary installations like this, Vision One works to hold onto that magic, encouraging us all to embrace our inner child and find joy in the simplest of moments.

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