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Mercy Health, Werribee – Boardroom Video Conferencing

Microsoft Teams and Crestron: A Perfect Match for Mercy Health

  • Mercy Health

  • May 2024

  • LG 75UL3J-B - Commercial Professional Monitors, UC-C100-T Crestron Flex Video Conference System Integrator Kit for Microsoft Teams® Rooms / (x1) AM-3200-WF-I AirMedia® Receiver 3200 with Wi‑Fi® Network Connectivity / (x1) AMP-X300 X-Series Amplifier, 300 W / (x4) SAROS IC6T-W-T-EACH Saros® 6.5 in. 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker, White Textured / (x2) AM-TX3-100-I AirMedia® Series 3 Connect Adaptor / (x1) IV-CAMFR-12-SLVR-1B 1 Beyond Professional AutoFramer™ Group Framing Camera, 12x Optical Zoom, ) MXA710W Microphone Linear Array with IntelliMix DSP; 1200mm Length; White/ (x1) P300 Audio Conferencing DSP Processor with IntelliMix DSP, Crestron TSS-770-T-W-S-LB KIT - 7 in. Room Scheduling Touch Screen for Microsoft Teams® Software

Mercy Health, a leading healthcare provider, has been undergoing a digital transformation to enhance collaboration and communication across its facilities.

As part of this initiative, the Boardroom at Werribee Hospital was identified for an upgrade to a state-of-the-art Microsoft Teams Room (MTR). This upgrade was aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of meetings, fostering better collaboration among staff, and facilitating a smooth transition from Zoom to Microsoft Teams.


• To install a modern, user-friendly video conferencing system in the Boardroom.
• To ensure compatibility with both Microsoft Teams and Zoom to ease the transition.
• To provide high-quality audio and video capabilities for better meeting experiences.
• To streamline the scheduling and booking process for the Boardroom.

Hardware Components

  1. Two LG 75UL3J-B 75 inch Display Screens
    • These large, high-definition screens provide clear visuals for all participants, ensuring that presentations and video feeds are visible to everyone in the room.
  2. Crestron Flex MTR System with 10 inch Tabletop Touch Screen
  3. Shure MXA710 Ceiling Microphone Array
    • This advanced microphone array captures audio from all parts of the room, ensuring clear and natural voice pickup for remote participants.
  4. P300 DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
    • This processor optimises audio signals, enhancing clarity and reducing noise and echo, crucial for maintaining high audio quality during meetings.
  5. Crestron AMP-X300 Amplifier
  6. Two AM-TX3-100 AirMedia USB-C Wireless Adapters
    • These adapters enable wireless sharing of content from laptops and other devices, facilitating seamless presentations and collaboration without the hassle of cables.
  7. Crestron TSS-770-T-W-S-LBKIT Room Booking Touch Screen
    • Installed outside the Boardroom, this touch screen allows staff to quickly check room availability and book the room for meetings, integrating with the hospital’s scheduling system.


The installation of the Microsoft Teams Room at Werribee Hospital involved careful planning and execution. The process was carried out in several stages:

  1. Planning and Design
    • Collaborating with Mercy Health’s IT and Facilities teams, a detailed plan was developed to ensure the new system met all requirements.
    • The layout of the Boardroom was assessed to determine the optimal placement of screens, microphones, and other equipment.
  2. Installation
    • The two LG 75UL3J-B screens were mounted on the walls, providing dual-display capabilities for enhanced meeting dynamics.
    • The Crestron Flex MTR system and tabletop touch screen were installed on the central meeting table, offering convenient access to all meeting controls.
    • The Shure MXA710 microphone array was discreetly installed on the ceiling, ensuring a clean look while providing excellent audio pickup.
    • The P300 DSP and Crestron AMP-X300 amplifier were set up to manage and optimize audio signals.
    • AirMedia USB-C adapters were made available for easy content sharing.
    • The room booking touch screen was mounted outside the Boardroom for easy access to scheduling information.
  3. Testing
    • Testing was conducted to ensure all components worked seamlessly together, and the system was optimised for both Teams and Zoom meetings.

Transition from Zoom to Microsoft Teams

Mercy Health is in the process of transitioning from Zoom to Microsoft Teams as their primary communication and collaboration platform. The new Microsoft Teams Room setup at Werribee Hospital supports both Teams and Zoom, allowing staff to join meetings on either platform effortlessly. This compatibility ensures that the transition is smooth, with minimal disruption to daily operations.


Enhanced Collaboration: The high-quality audio and video setup improves the meeting experience, fostering better communication and collaboration among staff.
Ease of Use: The intuitive touch screen interface and wireless content sharing make the system easy to use, reducing the learning curve for staff.
Seamless Transition: The ability to join Zoom meetings during the transition period ensures continuity and flexibility.
Improved Scheduling: The room booking touch screen streamlines the process of scheduling meetings, improving efficiency and room utilisation.


The installation of the Microsoft Teams Room at Werribee Hospital’s Boardroom marks a significant step in Mercy Health’s digital transformation journey. By incorporating advanced technology and ensuring compatibility with existing platforms, the new system enhances meeting experiences and supports a smooth transition from Zoom to Microsoft Teams, ultimately contributing to better healthcare delivery.

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