Aurora LED Illuminated Dance Floor Display

  • Description

    The LED display floor screen is a brand-new digital dance floor display with excellent protecting structure. By adopting synchronous video control mode, the floor screen can represent video effect with soft color and high resolution, perfectly integrating virtual stage landscaping with interactive performance.

    The design enables fast assembly and disassembly, seamless juncture and random combination. The LED floor display uses high-strength and anti-skid resin cover and solid die-casting aluminum supporting device, which can stand heavy load and strong shock and can be direct trampled.

    Using strip screen as the basic video system, it is capable of dual use as dance floor and hang-up curtain screen. Taking away the aluminum structure and using additional hang-up fixtures, it can be used as a high-definition video wall.

    Be free to think about the ideas of dancing in fire, chasing tide, step on flash… You can easily realize such things in dance field of discos and pubs, T-stage, concerts, and dramas.


    The LED floor display includes:

    1. Aluminium extrusion or steel structure, high strength and abrasive resistance ABS cover.

    2. LED display system that is independently waterproof, dust-free, scrape-proof, and anti-shock proof.

    3. The LED mosaic floor screen holds up to 2 Ton/m2.

    4. Super tough, long-wear coverage modules for seamless tiling, seamless juncture, can be direct trampled.

    5. Easy-to-do position locking features.

    6. Easy for disassembly, assembly and maintenance.

    7. Apply to television arena, bars and entertainment.

    Unlimited possibilities in the design of attractive flooring for events as well as for fixed installations. Specialist for the short-term use on exhibitions, car shows, fashion shows or TV shows. Equipped with a sophisticated and precise mounting system that allows large LED floor surfaces to be installed very quickly.

    High contrast, brilliant color reproduction and a high load capacity the LED floor can be used in any environment.



    – Extremely durable up to 2 ton / m²
    – Wide viewing angle
    – Easy handling and leveling
    – High resolution
    – Scratch resistant
    – Resistant and rugged
    – Maintenance from top
    – Sensor technology for content management
    – Interactive

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