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    Video walls are a powerful new way to break through the clutter and engage with your intended audience. Samsung, LG and Philips have pioneered LED-based video walls and are now the market leaders in ultra-thin, eco-friendly, LED-based video walls. Our complete solution includes a wide range of advanced LED display panels, robust management software, and media players to suit almost any need and budget. Video walls are used by leading retailers, airports, businesses, churches, public venues and educational facilities around the world.


    It’s time for your Melbourne school or business to get noticed.

    Whether for artistic reasons, to enhance the ambiance of your business space or provide branding and other marketing information or data to your clients, visitors or the public, our ‘Video Wall Melbourne’ solution is an excellent way to create a positive impact in a space and get everyone’s attention on whatever information or imagery you want to display.

    Video Wall Melbourne


    Form a large screen or break up your content into sections.

    Our Video Walls in Melbourne can be an invaluable tool in keeping your team and your customers informed on a number of issues. Since a video wall system is essentially a grouping of display screens, they can be used to create one whole image or dissected into different parts so multiple images can be seen on each individual screen. Find new and innovative ways to distribute your content with video walls.

    Video Wall Australia


    What are the benefits of a video wall system?

    Higher Resolutions

    Since a video wall is built from a tiled array of displays, the total resolution of the display surface increases with each display added to the array. This means a video wall can have a much larger display area and far higher resolutions than a single display or projector. Video walls are also much more scalable than projectors since the display surface can be expanded without sacrificing image quality.

    Powerful Processing

    In a video wall system, image and video processing is performed by an external video wall controller. As an external component, a controller can leverage far more powerful processing hardware than the processors built into individual displays. These superior processing abilities enable video walls to deliver fluid visual performance and display large amounts of high-resolution content.

    Superior Brightness

    Most video walls can provide far more brightness and better contrast ratios than a front projector, so they can be used in environments with windows or overhead lighting. That’s because the display technologies used in video walls – like LCD, LED, and rear projection cubes – are less susceptible to being “washed out” by ambient light. These displays also maintain consistent brightness regardless of their size, while front-projected images become dimmer and blurrier when they are enlarged.

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