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Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions

Zedu Upgrades Training Bays with Fixed AV Architecture

  • Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions

  • March 2023

  • Sony FWD Series 43” 4K QFHD Google TV, Direct LED Display Panels, Single 1060mm – 2060mm Adjustable Heavy Duty Ceiling Mount Bracket, QLB-CE946-01L,Sony FWD Series 65” 4K QFHD Google TV, Direct LED Display Panel, Clean Digital SUH4T 1x4 HDMI/HDBaseT Distribution Amplifier with 3x TPUH412-R Receivers, Secure Cord Cable Cover Velcro

Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions is an ultrasound education provider based in Melbourne, Australia. With customers and social media followers from around the world, Zedu is a leader in medical education, driven by a passion to see high quality ultrasound use at the point of care become the standard, not
the exception.

Zedu is led by its founder Suean Pascoe, who formed the company in 2007, with the aim of creating a fun, focused and relevant education experience that ultimately leads to better patient care. With co-director Michael Duncan, and a team of passionate educators, Zedu’s unique interactive way of delivering ultrasound training is synonymous with excellence.

Having established a synergy between our organisations almost twenty years ago, Vision One continues to be the preferred technology consultant for all things Zedu and this – the latest in our AV works with Suean and team – was no exception.

The task was simple: equip each training bay with a state-of-the-art technology solution that leverages fixed architecture, without the need for cumbersome user intervention.

In each of the three main training bays, we installed Sony Bravia FWD Series 43” Display Panels via Adjustable Heavy Duty Ceiling Mount Brackets. The BRAVIA FWD-43X80K brings the clarity, colour and contrast of 4K plus rich multi-dimensional sound, framed in a slim, luxurious design. Its power-packed X1 processor boosts image detail and cuts noise, delivering spectacular 4K HDR images. Within each bay locaation, we installed HDMI Wall Plates for use with dedicated ultrasound equipment.

On the opposite wall, we installed an additional Sony Bravia FWD Series 65” Display Panel and beneath this display, fit an HDMI Wall Plate. To facilitate distribution amplification and “multi-view mirroring” functionality, we cabled in an SUH4T HDMI/HDBaseT Distribution Amplifier and connected an HDMI LOOP OUT and CAT6 OUT to each subsequent 43” Display. The SUH4T allows uncompressed 4K HDMI, IR and RS232 signals to be transmitted over a single Cat6/7 cable.  It supports transmission of 4K signals up to 40m and 1080P signals up to 60m.

Finally, in the Meeting Room, we installed an existing TV on a new Wall Bracket and connected to a dedicated HDMI wall plate with Secure Cord Cable Cover Velcro.

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