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San Churro, Epping – Digital Menu Boards

Installation in Action: San Churro, Epping - the Digital Signage Revolution

  • San Churro/Amped Digital

  • December 2021

  • Samsung QM Series Digital Signage Display Panels, Vogels Menu Board Bracket, SignageLive Software

In partnership with the team at Amped Digital, Perth, Vision One were entrusted to deliver digital menu board installation works at San Churro’s recently refurbished Epping store in Melbourne. San Churro is an Australian-owned chocolateria franchise, specialising in the traditional Spanish delicacy, churros. The churros (Spanish doughnuts) at San Churro are hand-crafted in-store using a traditional recipe and delivered straight from the Spanish churrera to your plate, served with cinnamon sugar and only the best couverture chocolate.

Looking to enter the digital menu board space, San Churro contacted Vision One partners Amped Digital to begin their nation-wide rollout, starting first with a test-site installation at their head office, followed by works at their recently refurbished store at Highpoint Shopping Centre.

Our technicians installed 4x Samsung QM Series Digital Signage Display Panels in a video wall configuration on Vogels Video Wall brackets. Samsung’s QMR Series provides 4K UHD non-glare picture quality with up to a billion colors for crystal clear, lifelike color and exceptional detail. With an elegant, slim design and a clean cable management solution, these displays are easy to install into any type of environment. Plus, Samsung’s SMART Signage Platform 6.0 and embedded MagicINFO Player S6 media player allow for easy content management and playback, without the need for an external set-back box or PC.

To enable content playback, Vision One technicians configured each Samsung panel to generate/extract network-based content from SignageLive via SoC.

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