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Beaumaris Secondary College – Learning Hub Extension

Built Environs and Beaumaris SC get "Tech Rich" in new Learning Hub

  • Beaumaris Secondary College

  • November 2021

  • Epson EB-735F 3,600 ANSI Lumens 1080p Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector, JED T440 Wall Controller, InDesign 30w Powered Speakers, 3m HDMI Fly Lead Cable, Sony FWD Series 65" 4K QFHD Direct LED Display Panel, North Bayou AVF1800-70-1P Mobile AV Trolley, Audac IMEO2 Sound Bar, Sony FWD Series 43" 4K QFHD Direct LED Display Panel, Kramer Control System, Caymon 6RU WPR606 Equipment Rack, Kramer VIA GO 2 Wireless Presentation Device

Beaumaris Secondary College is a technology rich learning and teaching environment located in Beaumaris, Victoria dedicated to promoting curiosity, challenging thinking and a sense of purpose within the community.

An ever-expanding school located on the shores of Melbourne’s beaches, 2021 marked the beginning of the next phase of commercial site works as part of the school’s long-term vision: a three-storey extension of the Learning Hub to provide additional art, design and technology facilities, as well as senior learning and collaborative spaces.

To facilitate this from an audio and visual perspective, the team at Vision One were recruited to provide technology consultancy and expertise, and to meet a set of deliverables as outlined by the school.


A.G.07 Theory/Wet Area, A.G.04 Art 2, A.G.02 Art 1, A.G.14 Digital Tech, A.G.20 Theory, A.1.03 Art 4, A.1.07 Explicit Learning, A.1.08 Explicit Learning, A.1.09 Collaboration (x2), A.1.01 Art 3, A.2.02 Explicit Learning, A.2.01 Explicit Learning

We supplied and installed 13x Epson EB-735F Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors above dedicated floor-to-ceiling whiteboards. The Epson EB-735F produces amazing colour, incredible detail and solid reliability perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms and more.  To provide system control, we supplied and installed 13x JED T440 Wall Controllers. The JED T440 projector controller offers a convenient system to control video and data projectors from a suitable point on a lectern, bench or wall near a speaker’s location in a hall or theatre.

13x InDesign 30w Powered Speakers were installed on either side of the whiteboards to provide audio enhancement. The inDESIGN speakers are an active three-way stereo speaker system consisting of one powered and one passive speaker. The speakers are compact, architecturally pleasing and come supplied with adjustable mounting brackets.


Portable Trolley for A.G.08

We supplied and installed a single Sony FWD Series 65″ 4K LED Display Panel. The Sony FWD Series brings you the clarity, colour and contrast of 4K plus rich multi-dimensional sound, framed in a slim, luxurious design. It also surrounds you with pure sound that pulls you right into the scene.

This 65″ Display was installed on a North Bayou AVF1800-70-1P Mobile AV Trolley. This unique high quality mobile display stand is designed to provide solutions to ease your mobility of entertainment, lecture, meeting and conference and exhibition. This innovative mobile display includes a rigid and heavy-duty anodized aluminium alloy columns to withstand an overall 1778mm (70”) screen and maximum 125 lbs(56.8kgs) weight.

Beneath the trolley, we fitted an Audac IMEO2 Sound Bar. The IMEO2 Soundbar features a slim and elegant design and includes all required functions for expansion of any audiovisual system with an impressive sound, while having a minimal hassle for installation. It’s perfectly suited for installations such as classrooms, presentation rooms or meeting rooms where it can be used and installed in combination with screens, smartboards or projectors.


A.G.15 Design Studio, A.G.12 Blackout Studio, A.1.06 Seminar Room, A.1.15 Meeting, A.1.16 Collaboration, A.1.11 Discussion, A.2.04 Student Lounge, A.2.14 Meeting, A.2.15 Collaboration, A.2.10 Discussion

10x Sony FWD Series 65″ 4K LED Display Panels were installed to the front walls of each space. Each display panel was supplemented with 10x JED T440 Wall Controllers for system operation, 10x Audac IMEO2 Sound Bar. for enhanced audio playback and 10x 3m HDMI Fly Leads.


A.G.14 Digital Tech

So support projection on the adjacent wall, we installed 2x Sony FWD Series 43″ LED Display Panels with JED T440 Wall Controllers.


A.2.05 Explicit Learning, A.2.06 Explicit Learning, A.2.07 Collaboration

The immersive, state-of-the-art, combinable Collaboration Space on level-3 saw the supply and installation of 4x dedicated Epson EB-735F Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors. Each projector was configured to be used both individually (per classroom) and in unison (combined mode).

To facilitate this, we supplied and installed 1x Kramer Control System consisting of: 1x VS-66H2 HDMI 6×6 Matrix Switcher, 4x WP-789T PoE HDMI Wall Plate Transmitters, 4x TP-789R PoE HDMI/HDBT Receivers, 4x TP-580T HDMI Transmitters, 4x TP-580R HDMI Receivers, 2x SL-240C 16-Port Master Room Controllers, 4x KT-107 7” Wall or Table Mountable PoE Touch Panels for System Control, 1x Router and 1x 4-Port Switch.

For audio coverage, we installed 4x InDesign 30w Powered Speakers that could be used in a combinable fashion when linking classrooms together.

1x Kramer VIA GO 2 Wireless Presentation Device was installed in an equipment rack to provide global/combined wireless presentation. VIA GO² gives iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC, and Mac users instant wireless connectivity with 4K advanced presentation capabilities. The product features content streaming with crystal−clear mirrored images and stunning video playback and includes iOS, Windows and Android mirroring.

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