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Pump & Electrical Engineering Services – Video Conferencing Boardroom

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration: Advanced Boardroom Solution

  • Pump & Electrical Engineering Services

  • May 2023

  • Sony FWD65X80K 65” 4K QFHD Google TV, Jabra PanaCast 50 Panoramic 4K Video Conference Camera, Microsoft Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo Kit, JED T460 Wall Controller, Zotac CI665 Mini PC, 4GB RAM, Intel Core i7, 1TB SSD

Pump & Electrical Engineering Services, a thriving innovative commercial hydraulic solutions provider based in Melbourne, recognised the increasing importance of communication and digital collaboration as they expanded their operations. To address their evolving needs, they sought the expertise of Vision One Technologies, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions. With a focus on improving video conferencing capabilities and facilitating efficient communication, Vision One undertook the task of transforming Pump & Electrical Engineering Services’ boardroom into a state-of-the-art hub for digital collaboration.

Growing Communication Demands

As Pump & Electrical Engineering Services expands its business operations, the need for effective communication and collaboration became increasingly vital. Traditional communication methods were no longer sufficient to meet the demands of a dynamic and interconnected business environment. Recognising this challenge, the company sought a solution that would enhance their video conferencing capabilities, streamline communication processes, and foster seamless collaboration between teams.

We curated a customised solution designed to elevate their boardroom’s communication capabilities. The comprehensive solution encompassed advanced audio-visual equipment, optimised connectivity, and a user-friendly control system.


Simple, Familiar, Effective

The centerpiece of the solution was the installation of a Sony 65″ QFHD Google TV, mounted elegantly on a flat wall bracket. This high-resolution display delivered crystal-clear visuals and provided the perfect platform for immersive video conferencing and collaborative presentations. To ensure seamless connectivity, a Jabra PanaCast 50 Panoramic 4K Video Conference Camera was installed beneath the display, capturing every participant with remarkable detail. With Jabra’s industry-leading professional audio, advanced and innovative 180° video technology and a range of unique intelligence-driven features, PanaCast 50 gives users the power to put safe, socially distanced meetings back on the table – whatever their ‘new normal’ looks like.


Empowering Communication and Collaboration

To facilitate dedicated video conferencing, Vision One supplied and installed a powerful Zotac 1TB SSD i7 Mini PC discreetly positioned behind the display. An award-winning honeycomb design complete with an entirely fanless operation, the ZBOX C Series nano packs more powerful and more capable hardware with the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor integrated with the powerful Iris® Xe graphics. HDMI/USB connectivity was seamlessly established between the display, soundbar, and the Mini PC, ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality audio-visual output. To enhance user convenience, a wireless keyboard/mouse combo kit (Bluetooth) was provided for easy control of the Mini PC.


Streamlined Control and Accessibility

A JED T460 Wall Controller was integrated into the system, providing intuitive control over power, volume, and source selection. With the ability to switch between two labels – “Video Conferencing” and “Wireless” – users could effortlessly manage their preferred mode of communication and collaboration. Vision One meticulously installed all necessary cables, connectors, and fixings, ensuring a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing environment.


Recreation/Staff Retreat Area Upgrade

As part of the project, Vision One also transformed the recreation/staff retreat area. A Sony 55″ QFHD Google TV was mounted on a flat wall bracket, offering high-definition entertainment and information sharing capabilities. By relocating the antenna run and activating free-to-air television, employees could enjoy live broadcasts and stay connected with current events. Additionally, direct data connectivity via CAT6 infrastructure enabled easy access to digital resources, fostering a productive and engaging atmosphere.

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