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Aurora Marketing – Digital Signage Projection

Unleashing Creativity: EB-805F Turns Aurora Marketing into an Advertising Playground

  • Aurora Marketing

  • May 2023

  • Epson EB-805F 5000lm FHD Ultra Short Throw Signage 3LCD Laser Projector, Ultralift Spider-70 Compact Ceiling Bracket, ELPAP11 Wireless LAN Adapter

Aurora Marketing, situated at the vibrant 400 Collins Street, sought to revolutionise their internal digital communications approach. Via the consultancy of Vision One partners, Aspect One Group, Vision One installed the Epson EB-805F Digital Signage Projector behind a corporate-styled swing set, breathing life into their advertising, marketing, and signage content.

The Perfect Playground Projection

At the heart of this imaginative installation was the Epson EB-805F Digital Signage Projector. It brings a fresh dimension to signage with borderless images and projection onto ultra-wide surfaces, including glass and curved walls. The EB-805F features Full HD 1080p image quality and delivers powerful and informative displays for retail, hospitality and visitor attractions.

Positioned strategically, approximately 570mm from the wall, it generated an impressive 2580mm wide image size. Fixed to a suspended ceiling grid via chain, this projector seamlessly integrated with the playground-esque environment, captivating audiences with vibrant visuals and dynamic, transparent content.

Unleash Creativity with Epson Projector Content Manager

Aurora Marketing harnessed the power of Epson’s innovative software, the Epson Projector Content Manager. This robust platform allowed them to effortlessly build, schedule, and publish necessary branding content. By leveraging the software’s intuitive features, they could remotely manage their advertising campaigns, providing real-time updates and engaging experiences for on-site visitors.


Seamless Wireless Connectivity

To enable seamless content publishing, Vision One installed the Epson ELPAP11 Wireless LAN Adapter. This ingenious device empowered the EB-805F projector to connect effortlessly to Aurora Marketing’s wireless network. With wireless connectivity in place, Aurora Marketing could unleash their creativity and take full advantage of remote content management, ensuring dynamic and timely advertising campaigns.


Embracing Versatility and Brilliance

The Epson EB-805F Projector emerged as the perfect choice for this project due to its exceptional capabilities. With its high brightness, stunning image quality, and versatility, it effortlessly transformed the playground swing set into a captivating advertising canvas. Its innovative features and ease of use provided Aurora Marketing with the ideal tool to engage their audience, leaving a lasting impression on both young and young-at-heart.

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