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Kingston Arts Centre – Outdoor LED Road-Facing Signs

Creative LED Digital Signage Lights up Kingston Arts Centre

  • Kingston City Council

  • July 2020

  • Aurora LED P5.33mm SMD LED Weatherproof Display, Aurora LED P3.0mm SMD LED Weatherproof Display, NovaStar MSD300 Controllers, Routers, Main Structures/Frames, Polycarbonate Covers

The City of Kingston boasts a vibrant arts and cultural scene, hosting a variety of arts spaces, arts and cultural organisations and services, professional and non-professional artists, creative industries and arts workers. Kingston Arts aims to build on these strengths, increase the profile and support of creative industries within the community and foster more opportunities for creative engagement and cultural tourism.

Working in collaboration with the hands-on, Australian-based team at Aurora Signage, we manufactured, delivered and installed 2x Weatherprood SMD LED Digital Signage Displays on custom frames/structures.

The “Road-facing Sign” is a P5.33mm SMD Weatherproof LED Display, built as part of the high-performance LUX LED range. The screen measures in at 2240mm x 960mm high with a pixel resolution of 422 wide x 180 high. The LUX range of Aurora products ensures that all facets of cabinet, module production and accessories are of a premium-grade, deploying batch rejection and testing strategies for only the best LEDs.

The “Street-facing Sign” is a P3.0mm SMD Weatherproof LED Display, also built as part of the high-performance LUX LED range. The screen measures in at 1920mm wide x 1152mm high with a pixel resolution of 640 wide x 384 high.

Both screens are high-brightness, IP-certified (IP68 and IP65) and are powered by the renowned NovaStar MSD300 Controllers.

The main structures were developed in-house by Aurora Signage and included aluminium baseplates and frames/posts, cap plates and accessible rear covers. An additional polycarbonate, anti-vandalism sheet – manufactured by Ultralift Australia – was installed to the front of each display for added protection.

The counil’s marketing department can access both screens wirelessly via the Vnnox Cloud-Based Digital Signage LED Software, offering the ability of remote content development, scheduling and real-time publishing.

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