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Copperfield College – Interactive Projectors

Copperfield College Continues its Interactive Transformation

  • Copperfield College

  • February 2018

  • Epson EB-685Wi Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projectors, inDESIGN Powered Speakers, JED T440 Projector Keypad Controllers, Full HD Panasonic 84" Display Panel, Portable Heavy Duty Trolley

Vision One continued 2018 with installation works at Copperfield College.

Our works included the supply and installation of 19x Epson EB-685Wi interactive ultra short throw projectors across the three campuses of Kings Park, Delahey and Sydenham. inDESIGN Powered Speakers were mounted on either side of existing whiteboards while JED T440 Projector Keypad Controllers were fitted for system control. Vision One also commissioned all electrical works in each classroom.

A Full HD Panasonic 84″ Display Panel was installed on a Portable Heavy Duty Trolley. The 84″ Panel was to be stored in the Library and primarily used for large school presentations and meetings.

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