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Nureva HDL200 Small-Room Audio Conferencing System

  • Description

    The Nureva HDL200 system is an integrated microphone and speaker bar that provides true full-room microphone coverage and rich, clear playback in any small space up to 18′ x 18′ (5.5 x 5.5 m) – including small meeting rooms and small flex spaces. It can be mounted on the wall or a mobile stand.

    True Full-Room Microphone Coverage

    Like all Nureva® systems, the HDL200 is powered by patented Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones so that everyone can be heard from everywhere. Continuous autocalibration means your audio is always optimised, even if you move furniture or change seating arrangements.

    What is a virtual microphone?
    Nureva’s patented Microphone Mist technology fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones (a HDL200 system deploys up to 4,096). Each virtual microphone is a point in space where two or more physical microphones (there are 10 in a HDL200) work together intelligently to focus audio pickup. Microphone Mist technology listens to each virtual mic simultaneously and optimises each one for natural conversations.

    Easy Installation

    The HDL200 can be installed in a variety of configurations. Install it on the wall (above or below a display) with an included mounting bracket, then connect to a computer with one cable.

    Manage From Anywhere

    The HDL200 and all your Nureva devices can be managed from anywhere with Nureva Console – a secure cloud-based platform included with each system. Use it to remotely install firmware updates, check device status, analyse room data, access developer APIs and more.

    Key Features:

    Intelligent Sound Targeting uses adaptive learning algorithms to preemptively ignore persistent unwanted sounds like HVAC.
    Position-based gain control applies gain separately to each sound, which enables specific optimisations that create a natural listening experience.
    Simultaneous pickup of all virtual microphones ensures that conversations sound natural even when more than one person is speaking at the same time.
    Integrated processing requires no separate DSP as all processing is integrated into the system.
    Mounted on a mobile stand with a camera and display converts any space into a hybrid meeting or instructional space.
    Integrated full-color display shows time, call status, volume, mute on/off, etc.

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