LG One:Quick Works 55CT5WJ Interactive Collaboration Touch Screen

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    LG One:Quick Works,
    All-in-One Video Conferencing Display

    Make your online meetings more productive and interactive with LG One:Quick Works.


    All-in-One Video Conferencing Solution

    Video conferencing setup doesn’t need to be stressful. This all-in-one solution features a built-in Windows PC, crisp 4K UHD camera, microphone, speaker and a digital whiteboard. Experience clear video and sound qualities in your meetings.


    Smart Auto Focusing

    Have the camera and mic move to you, not the other way around. One:Quick Works automatically focuses on the speaker and it is effective in clearly capturing voices up to six meters away with minimal background noise, while the 3,840 x 2,160 resolution camera automatically tracks and focuses on the individual speaker.

    * Product performance may differ depending on the environment.

    Pre-installed Video Conferencing Application,

    LG One:Quick Remote Meeting
    LG’s One:Quick Remote Meeting works seamlessly with One: Quick Works for users to share documents in various formats, perform real-time interactive drawings and detect who’s speaking on the other end automatically.
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    Conference App Store

    Shortcuts for installing video conferencing and collaboration apps are included to help with user productivity. A true all-in-one video conferencing solution must be able to use a wide variety of video conferencing apps.


    Multi-Touch and Annotation

    Equipped with In-cell touch, One:Quick Works turns ideas into reality with 10 points of multi touch. And it conveniently sends files such as notes, writings, drawings and images created in meetings via e-mail.

    * Touch pen provided (1 ea.)
    ** Dedicated apps required for making notes and drawings (MS Whiteboard app ready)
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    Voice Recording

    Rather than keeping separate meeting minutes, simply record the meeting and share files with participants via e-mail.

    * Voice Recording may not be allowed when using the video conferencing app.

    Split View
    for Multi-Tasking

    Share files and organize ideas simultaneously with members in the meeting room.

    Optimized User Experience

    Provides a user friendly interface, from adjusting network settings for meetings, screen division to display settings. Supports quick and easy access to video conferencing apps with the One:Quick Works launcher.

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