KEENON KLEENBOT C30 Cleaning Robot for Hotels

  • Description

    The Keenon C30 is designed for professional cleaning in commercial spaces. Its powerful features, long battery life, and cloud-based management system make it a valuable tool for businesses that want to improve cleaning efficiency and save time and money. This cleaning robot will keep your school, airport, workplace or anywhere clean and safe – it’s portable and agile with the following features and capabilities:

    Features: The C30 is a multi-functional cleaning robot that can sweep, vacuum, mop and dust. It comes equipped with precise sensors and intelligent algorithms that allow it to identify obstacles and clean efficiently.

    Battery Life: The C30 can fully charged in just two to three hours and provides a working time of 4 hours in swiping and vacuuming mode or 10 hours in dust swiping mode.

    Speed: The operating speed is 3.8 mph

    Noise Level: The C30 has a resistant noise level of 65 decibels.

    Climbing Ability: The robot has an impressive climbing ability of up to 7 degrees, allowing it to navigate uneven surfaces.

    Cloud-Based Management: The C30 can be monitored and managed remotely through a cloud-based system. This allows users to track cleaning progress, set schedules, and receive alerts.

    Weight: The white colored robot weighs 72 Lbs. with the battery and 66 Lbs. without it.

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