Joan 6 Pro Room Booking System

  • Description

    The next generation, ultra low-power, smart ePaper device, designed for advanced meeting room management of enterprises. Mount it wirelessly with the Smart magnet or use a fully wired PoE dock.

    Key Features:
     – Manage everything from one place. Setup and manage all your Joan displays centrally from one easy-to-use, secure Web Portal.
     – Device management. Set up and configure your device. Decide on a language, work hours, and name rooms.
     – Advanced analytics. Analyze peak hours, most popular meeting rooms, who books the most meetings, and other workplace data.
     – Maintenance cost optimization. Zero installation cost with Smart magnetic mount and minimal management.
     – Smart magnet. Magnetic mount is assigned to a specific meeting room. Any Joan 6 Pro attached to that magnet will automatically show the specific room information.
     – Extra-long battery life. Advanced e-ink technology ensures that Joan’s battery lasts for weeks (or even months) on a single charge. Recharge it overnight via micro USB (included in the box).
     – Place & Play. Joan 6 Pro is easy to deploy and ready to use in minutes. With no need for additional software, so you just place it down and start playing.
     – Sophisticated design. Joan’s clear, purposeful, and minimalist design delivers maximum efficiency and unmatched product experience.
     – Minimal carbon footprint. Joan uses 99% less energy than LCD screens and its battery can last for months on just one charge.
     – Sustainable materials. Made of non-polluting materials and energy-efficient production that requires minimal amounts of water.