Edge Blending Projectors & Multi-Projection Warping

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    Edge blending is a technique used to describe the process of visually combining several projected images to make a single seamless image.

    Typically, this is done to increase the size of a projected image to make a very wide image, or by combining a number of lower resolution devices together to increase the total resolution of a display. In both cases, a number of projectors are needed which are firstly overlapped and then visually joined together using an edge blending technique.

    Simply put, when you have two projectors lined up next to each other creating one solid image, you will never be able to create a seamless edge without edge blending projectors. When you place two projectors side by side, the human eye will notice the edge, the mismatched colors, and the split or overlap of the images. Much like when you paint a wall, you always overlap your strokes to get as even a coverage as possible. Essentially, this is what edge blending will accomplish.

    So, how does edge blending really work? There’s basically two processes. The first involves overlapping two images. Essentially, you send the same portion of your image across two projectors. This overlapping gives you a larger area to match up which eliminates the hard edge you’d see if you simply placed the two images side by side. The second part of the process involves feathering the images to eliminate the “hot spot” that is guaranteed to occur. If you have two images side by side and the middle 20% is doubled, obviously that portion is going to be brighter than the rest of your image. In order to blend it together, you need to reduce the brightness in addition to matching the image.


    Test Content.

    The good folk at TripleWideMedia have the following list of downloadable edge blending projection content:




    What can Edge Blending and Warping Solutions offer?

       – Harness the power of multiple projectors – blending technologies make it fast and easy to get perfectly-blended displays.
    Seamless, edge-blended displays – blend the edges of multiple curved images with repeated accuracy and speed.
    Create ultra-high resolution displays - By combining multiple projectors, content creators can move beyond the inherent resolution limitations of single projectors by creating massive, seamless displays with incredibly high resolutions.
    Project on any surface – Leveraging image warping allows the projected images to be adjusted to look correct on surfaces of any shape – from flat to curved to complex geometry like buildings and shapes.


    Setting up Edge Blending Projection with Epson Projectors.


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