Catchbox Plus Cube Throwable Microphone

  • Description

    Get people talking.

    Say goodbye to uninspiring discussions, broken brainstorming sessions and bored meetings. The Cube mic’s unique design encourages greater participation and increased engagement in any situation.

    Key features:

    Wireless charging — place the Cube on the Wireless Charger to turn off the mic and start charging. When ready, pick up the Cube to kickstart your next conversation or dynamic debate.

    Build your system — pick and choose what to include in your Catchbox Plus system according to your needs. Connect up to two microphones to your Hub and add accessories for hassle-free maintenance.

    Customise your cube — place your brand at the heart of every conversation. All Cube covers are fully customisable and now utilize Polygiene ViralOff™ technology.

    Self-disinfecting fabric treatment — Catchbox products now utilise ViralOff™ technology – an antimicrobial treatment that causes a 99% reduction in bacteria and viruses present on fabric.