Barix IP Former Networked Speaker

  • Description

    The IP Former can be attached to any loudspeaker either while in production or in existing installations. It enables audio-streaming over the internet with a reliable, fast-reactive connection, storing capabilities and VoIP/SIP negotiation.

    It is ideal for speakers to play background music, live announcements in schools, retail, offices, for emergency warning systems or triggered message playback and announcements over SIP.

    Key Features:
    – VOIP/SIP capabilities
    – Audio output with up to 8 Watt (this is suitable for most corporate environments)
    – Built-in resistance measurement for impedance analysis of the connected loudspeakers to maximize the output
    – Audio input ready
    – POE Powered
    – Mounts on standard transformer screw holes
    – HTTPS secured
    – Native Singlewire InformaCast and Syn-Apps support