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Staughton College – LED Video Walls

Mega 5m LED Deployment in new School Gym

  • Staughton College

  • April 2022

  • Aurora Fine Pitch LED Screens, Kramer Control System, Kramer VIA GO, Audac ALTI6 Pendant Speakers, Audac Mixers/Amplifiers

Staughton College has been educating Melton young people for over thirty years. We enjoy spacious school grounds, just a short walk from Melton Station.

With the completion of their new Gym/Hall at the end of 2021, the college commissioned the team at Vision One Technologies to provide a display solution where staff could connect and stream video content from their laptops. The team had numerous consultation meetings with Joshua Synaphet, IT Manager at Staughton College. A variety of solutions were canvassed, until the school finally approved the implementation of two large 5 metre x 2.5 metre Aurora Signage LED video displays, one mounted to each side of the hall. Best suited for retail, boardrooms, hospitality and conference center’s, the Aurora LED Screens can easily achieve HD and FHD resolutions at widths of over three metres. With brightness levels exceeding 1250 NITS, the FPR range is ideally suited to replace tired, conventional video walls that find it hard to cope under ambient light levels.

Each display can be used for video and audio independently when the centre curtain is lowered – effectively separating the two zones – whilst also being used in a combined mode when the curtain is in the raised position, allowing both displays to be viewed simultaneously, either with duplicate, or separate images. Control is being driven by a Kramer control system, and a 7” wall mounted touch screen. The audio in the space was a major undertaking, with 16x Audac ALT-16B pendant speakers hung from the ceiling, eight on each side of the hall. The ALTI6 is a 2-way pendant loudspeaker featuring a 6.5” driver combination with a coaxially mounted 1” soft dome tweeter and is fitted with a phase plug for excellent off-axis performance.

Users can send their laptop content to the displays wirelessly by automatically connecting to the Kramer VIA GO2 wireless presentation devices. The VIA GO’s wake on signal detecting, sending content immediately and directly to the screen/s. This creates a simple and seamless user experience, which is a critical element of any design process.

Audac power and pre-amplifiers, NovaStar video wall processors and controllers, and Kramer control processors complete the system rack design.

For information on how Vision One can assist your school with all forms of display technologies, please contact our office on (03) 9467-3777.

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