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Pokrov Russian Orthodox Church – Wireless Microphones and Live Streaming

Church gets live streaming/recording-ready with custom AV solution

  • Pokrov Russian Orthodox Church

  • May 2021

  • Audac ATEo6 6" Wall Mount Speakers, Audac CIRA724/W 6.5" in-Ceiling Flush-Mounted Speakers, Audac PRE220 10-Channel Stereo Preamplifier, PreSonus Studio 24C Digital Interface, Sennheiser EW 100 Series, Midas DM12 12-Input Live Mixer, AVer CAM520 PRO Camera, Sennheiser E835 Wired Handheld Microphones, Epiphan 4K Frame Grabber HDMI to USB Capture Card

The Holy Protection Cathedral Parish is one of the largest parishes of the Australian and New Zealand Diocese of The Russian Orthodox Church. As well as Russian immigrants, the Church is a spiritual home for Orthodox Christians from many nations. Their services are conducted in both Church Slavonic and English as a reflection of their multi-ethnic parish.

With the impacts of the pandemic in mind, Pokrov Russian Orthodox Church contacted the team at Vision One to deploy both a public address and live streaming and recording technology solution in their church in Brunswick, Melbourne.

To begin, we decommissioned the existing system audio and supplied and installed 12x Audac ATEO6 Wall Mount Speakers. The ATEO is a series of extraordinary loudspeakers especially designed for fixed install indoor applications, ensuring a true-to-nature, high-fidelity reproduction of music and speech. In other areas, we supplied and installed 4x Audac CIRA724/W in-Ceiling Flush-Mounted Speakers, which feature exceptional intelligibility and musical performance. The TwistFix™ borderless grill design offers easy but solid assembly and a completely seamless transition from grill to ceiling.

Within the existing equipment rack space, we supplied and installed 1x Audac CAP224 240w Power Amplifier and 1x Audac PRE220 10-Channel Stereo Preamplifier with integrated Bluetooth Playback. The PRE220 series preamplifiers are solutions for applications where a large number (up to 8) of microphones (or other mono balanced audio inputs) need to be mixed to two output zones. The multifunctional stereo design with a total of 10 inputs allows connection for any type of audio source such as microphones, Bluetooth devices or line level audio sources. The CAP224 offers two channels and has an output power of 240 Watt. This way, a flexible solution is created for multi-zone audio distribution systems with two independent zones.

We replaced the existing Sennheiser Lapel and Handheld Microphones with 4x new Wireless Lapel Microphones and 2x Handheld Microphone Systems and wired all new microphones into a new analogue mixer. The Sennheiser EW 100 Series is packed with features that make it possible to get you up and running fast and efficiently. With up to 100 meters of range and a battery life of 8 hours, it’s easy to see how the durably constructed transmitters and receivers will perform when you need them to.

Existing and new microphones were fed into a new Midas DM12 12-Input Live Mixer – an analogue mixer with more than enough microphone and line inputs to manage an audio performance and an ideal choice for larger scale areas.

To accommodate the requirement for recording and live streaming, we first supplied and installed 1x PreSonus Studio 24C Digital Interface. The Studio 24c will give you clear, clean, ultra-high-def sound in a bus-powered, rugged unit. It also includes professional input and output metering on the Studio 24c, allowing you to keep an eye on your input and mix levels when you’re recording by yourself. The audio interface acted as the conduit between the Midas DM12 and the designated streaming laptop device.

For video capture, we supplied and installed 1x AVer CAM520 PRO. The CAM520 Pro is equipped with a high-class 18X total zoom that displays every detail in crystal-clear quality. Efficiently start a meeting with the CAM520 Pro by simply facing the camera to activate facial detection. AVer SmartFrame will do the rest, automatically capturing and fitting all participants on-screen in seconds. This HDMI OUT camera was converted via an Epiphan 4K Frame Grabber USB Capture Card, enabling the camera feed to ingest into the dedicated streaming/live recording laptop. 4K captures resolutions up to 4096×2160, with 4K UHD video streaming at 30 fps and 1080p at 60 fps.

Finally, we supplied 4x Sennheiser E835 Wired Handheld Microphones, a dynamic cardioid microphone that projects well and cuts through high volumes on stage, intended for great live sound.

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