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Landence Group – Portrait Video Walls at the Rialto Tower

Landence Foyer Gets Portrait Video Wall Displays

  • Landence Group

  • October 2020

  • Philips BDL5588XH Video Wall Displays, Vogels Portrait Video Wall Bracket PFW 6875, BrightSign HD1034 Expanded Media Player

Landence Group is one of the world’s leading property development companies. The ambassadors of destination living, Landence are an international property group that now calls Melbourne home. Driven by genuine care about how people live now, and into the future, Landence have invested billions in development within the multi-residential, hotel and commercial sectors, to build a story of global success.

Having already worked with Vision One‘s creative design and installation team to commission a 1×4 portrait video wall solution in The Evermore display suite, Landence one again reached out to Vision One, this time, to deploy two 1×1 portrait-stacked video wall solutions in their head office foyer at the Rialto Tower.

We installed 4x Philips BDL5588XH video wall display panels in total – two 1×1 matrix configurations – on 4x Vogels PFW 6875 Portrait Pop-Out Video Wall Brackets. With ultra narrow bezels and stunning picture quality, these Philips video wall panels delivered the ultimate visual experience. The Vogels brackets featured multi-monitor stacking, spring-loaded release, open design, custom spacers, top adjustable mounting brackets and straight scissor-style extension and offered a clean, simple and seamless installation process.

Content was custom-developed to suit using the following 8 step method:

1) Content was built in a native resolution
2) Content was rotate 90° anti-clockwise
3) Content was squashed and scaled to 3840 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high
4) A new 1080p canvas of 1920 x 1080 pixels was created with the existing content dropped in a placeholder to the top of the canvas
5) Content was rendered in H.265
6) Video wall was configured in a 2 x 2 format
7) We used Philips’ tiling settings to instruct the video walls to recognise only certain displays
8) Saved the content to an SD card for playback on a BrightSign media player

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