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Domaine Chandon – LED Wall, Video Walls, Portrait Digital Signage

Domaine Chandon Sparkles with Creative AV in new Exhibit

  • Domaine Chandon/Alaud

  • January 2019

  • Philips 55" and 49" Video Walls, VuePix QE2 LED Video Displays, NovaStar TB6 Media Player, BrightSign XD1034 Interactive Media Player, LG 23SE3TE 23" P-Cap Touch Screen

In June of 2018, the team at Alaud – a creative studio and production company that specialises in visionary work for global, innovative brands – reached out to Vision One to collaborate on an audio visual project for Domaine Chandon’s refurbished winery tour exhibit. Domaine Chandon – located in Melbourne’s prestigious Yarra Valley – flies the flag as the only Australian wine specialists with genuine French heritage. Needless to say, our creative team were very much ready to *sparkle* (pun intended!).

We collaborated with ULA Group to deliver a breathtaking 4m x 1.5m 2.6mm Pixel Pitch VuePix QE2 LED Video Wall Display. Featuring high brightness LEDs of 1000-1500 nits, the QE Series delivered a stunning visual performance when paired with Alaud’s custom-developed two-and-a-half-minute video reel. The content was distributed via a Novastar Taurus Series TB6 Multimedia Player.

In Room 2 we fitted a Philips 2×2 49” Video Wall, utilising the popular BDL4988XH 700 nits video wall panel. These next generation video wall displays were designed with industry narrowest bezels and advanced alignment solutions, creating a memorable and vivid visual experience. Video content was distributed via an SD card and a BrightSign XD1034 Advanced Interactive Media Player – strategically concealed behind the video wall – allowing the content to play back on a perpetual loop.

Room 3 was highlighted by the installation of a diagonal 3×2 Philips 55” Video Wall, featuring the BDL5588XC. Columns 1 and 3 of this video wall were installed on a near-45-degree diagonal, creating an immersive, elegant and innovative field of vision. The video wall was integrated with an LG 23SE3TE 23” P-Cap Touch Screen with 10 points of touch, anti glare glass and a frameless edge. Above the touchscreen, a full HD webcam was fitted, capturing “selfie” photos of tour participants. Each “selfie” is superimposed inside a digitally animated champagne bubble and is sent via USB to a PC and then on to the 3×2 video wall. The software – custom-built by Alaud – collates all images and maps them on screen, generating an everlasting “bubble wall” that stars every tour visitor!

In the final space, we installed 2x Philips 65” 65BDL3000Q Signage Panels in portrait mode. Each panel received an HDMI feed over powered HDMI extender kits and was integrated with Alaud’s purpose-built QR/Smartphone content engagement system, offering yet another entertaining and engaging touch-point for Chandon’s guests.

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