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Bubup Wilam Childcare Centre – Soundscape

Immersive Audio Soundscape Takes the Cake at Bubup Wilam

  • Bubup Wilam Childcare Centre

  • April 2020

  • 4x WX5020/B Outdoor Loudspeakers (Black), 1x XMP44 with 4x FMP40 File Card Players & 3x USB Thumb Drives, 1x MTX48 4-Zone Audio Matrix, 1x CMP30 Digital Audio Player (CD/USB/SD/FM Tuner), 1x CAP412 4-Channel Power Amplifier, - Patch Cables between XMP44 & EPA104, 4x Ultralift Custom-Designed Speaker Cages

Bubup Wilam means ‘Children’s Place’ in Woi Wurrung language. Bubup Wilam is an Aboriginal Family Centre in the suburb of Thomastown, Whittlesea. The team at Vision One were commissioned via the City of Whittlesea Council to supply and install an immersive audio system in the newly-landscaped “Soundscape” space.

We began by collaborating with Ultralift Australia on the drawing and manufacturing of 4x custom-made Outdoor Protective Cages/Housing. These cages were affixed to a concrete slab and strategically placed around the framework, built to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding area and sculptural fencing. Then, we installed 4x Audac WX5020/B Outdoor Loudspeakers within each cage/enclosure. The WX502/O is a powerful 2-way performance speaker which is specially designed for outdoor use, ensuring true-to-nature, high fidelity reproduction of music and speech. It is fitted with a 1” dome tweeter and a 5 1/4”low-frequency loudspeaker, capable of delivering a power of 50 Watt.

Inside an equipment rack room, we supplied and installed:

  • 1x XMP44 with 4x FMP40 File Card Players & 3x USB Thumb Drives
  • 1x MTX48 4-Zone Audio Matrix
  • 1x CMP30 Digital Audio Player (CD/USB/SD/FM Tuner)
  • 1x CAP412 4-Channel Power Amplifier

The MTX is controllable by means of a fully-functional web based interface or the Audac Touch app for iPhone/iPad

The concept was as follows: the team at Bubup Wilam could load individual playback files (1x per speaker) on an automated timing, playing back educational sound-bites in the native Aboriginal tongue.

In addition, we provided a USB to Audio capture card and CD player, to allow for manual audio playback in the space where required.

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