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ASCOT Partners – All-in-One Video Conferencing

Viewsonic's BYOD VC/UC Solution Transforms North Melbourne-based Boardroom

  • ASCOT Partners

  • September 2023

  • ViewSonic IFP7652-1C 65" - 86" UHD Interactive Flat Panel Display w/ myViewBoard, ViewSonic VB-WPS-001 (USB-C) ViewBoard Screen Sharing Button, ViewSonic VB-CAM-201 All-in-One Conference Camera, ViewSonic VB-MIC-201 Omnidirectional Expansion Microphone for the VB-CAM-201

ASCOT Partners, located in North Melbourne, is a client-focused firm of accountants and financial advisors with a service aimed at solving problems, making the most of opportunities and turning advice into action.

ASCOT Partners recognised the need to adapt to the evolving landscape of hybrid work environments and sought to create a versatile video conferencing system that would seamlessly integrate with their existing office and boardroom setups. To achieve this objective, they enlisted the expertise of Vision One Technologies to implement cutting-edge technology solutions in line with the demands of modern-day hybrid workstyles.

The Challenge

ASCOT Partners’ aim was to maximise opportunities for effective communication and collaboration while addressing the challenges posed by remote and in-person interactions. The key challenges included:

  • Outdated AV equipment in need of replacement.
  • The need for intuitive, interactive displays for presentations and digital whiteboarding.
  • Ensuring crystal clear audio and video quality during video conferencing.
  • Streamlined content sharing and collaboration features.
Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Vision One began by decommissioning the existing AV equipment, including projectors and whiteboards, and installed a ViewSonic IFP8652-1C 86” UHD Interactive Flat Panel Displays with myViewBoard in the boardroom. A 65″ version of the same display was installed in one of their offices. These interactive displays feature high-accuracy touchscreen functionality and intelligent palm recognition technology, providing an intuitive digital whiteboard experience for all users.

All-in-One Conference Camera

To enhance the conferencing experience, the ViewSonic VB-CAM-201 Tribe All-in-One Conference Camera was installed beneath the displays. This camera boasts 4K UHD resolution and a 121° super wide-angle lens, ensuring that all meeting participants are captured, regardless of seating arrangements. The camera’s voice tracking feature and 5x digital zoom guarantees that the speaker always remains in the frame.

Enhanced Audio

In the boardroom, a VB-MIC-201 4K UHD Camera with Noise Cancellation was installed to further improve audio quality during video conferences. This USB omni-directional microphone extends the pickup range up to 26 feet (8 meters) when connected to the VB-CAM-201 4K camera. This addition eliminates unintelligible audio and ensures crystal clear conversations.

Streamlined Content Sharing

Vision One Technologies introduced the VB-WPS-001 ViewBoard Cast Button to enhance content sharing capabilities. With a simple tap, users can elevate their meetings and presentations. The ViewBoard Cast Button eliminates complicated setups, time-consuming installations and unwanted clutter, allowing more time for creation, collaboration and connection.

The Impact

The transformation of ASCOT Partners’ video conferencing capabilities reflects the importance of cutting-edge technology in supporting the evolution of hybrid collaboration. Vision One Technologies successfully addressed the client’s objectives and significantly enhanced the overall collaboration experience for their staff.

Overall Benefits
  1. Efficient Collaboration: ASCOT Partners can now seamlessly collaborate in hybrid work environments, bridging the gap between in-person and remote team members.
  2. Enhanced Presentations: Interactive displays and intuitive digital whiteboarding capabilities have elevated the quality of presentations and discussions.
  3. Crystal Clear Communication: The integration of high-quality audio and video equipment ensures that every meeting participant is heard and seen clearly, improving communication across locations.
  4. Simplified Content Sharing: The ViewBoard Cast Button streamlines the sharing of content, reducing the complexity of presentations and enabling more productive meetings.

Vision One Technologies takes pride in contributing to the modernisation of corporate spaces, creating efficient environments that inspire and engage teams. The successful collaboration with ASCOT Partners showcases the value of innovative technology solutions in aligning with the demands of today’s hybrid workstyles.

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