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HYPERSVN 3D Holographic Signage

HYPERSVN 3D Holographic Signage

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HYPERVSN 3D Holographic Signage for Hospitals and Healthcare

Now we realize that COVID-19 was both scaring and unexpected at the same time, which made it even more awful. The financial and psychological crisis was the first and the smallest damage produced by the pandemic. For a long time since the last war, we had to acknowledge how fragile civilization is in general and human life in particular.

Made to step forward to the forefront of global battlefield hospitals and other medical institutions took unprecedented and heroic efforts to meet the latest challenges. It is not only about the avalanche-like number of patients. Hospitals also faced a lack of medicines, equipment, and a critical shortage of staff.

But selfless fighting for human lives is not enough to stop the disease. It asked for everyone to observe precautions and think about other people around us.

Informational and educational technologies in healthcare industry

The need to get complete and professional advice about the virus puts informational and educational technologies in medicine in high demand.

On-the-spot visual displays and digital signage took on consulting services and this way helped hospitals to increase the number of personnel actively fighting COVID-19. The technology also helps hospitals to effectively communicate public safety measures without a chance to spread the virus from humans to humans since communications were replaced by human-to-technology interactions.

But since delivering the right message quickly and effectively is important, traditional banners and displays lose to next-level technologies. That is why more and more companies hire HYPERVSN informational holographic displays to do the job.

Why choose holographic displays

Holographic displays present critical information in a way that cannot be ignored​ and focus all patients’ attention on COVID-19 safety measures and other important announcements.

HYPERVSN 3D displays increase chances of a message being seen​: twice likely than 2D videos or messages​ and 4.5x more likely than printed ads​. They also obtain higher emotional engagement​: 40% longer view and engagement time than 2D digital ads and 60% longer view and engagement time than printed ads.

So, our original solutions for hospitals and other institutions, Informational Signages and Holographic Doctors, changed the way patients perceive and embrace the information.

HYPERVSN Informational Signage

Holographic Informational Signage effectively educates visitors and clients about the approved public safety measures, helps to provide instructions and communicate critical manuals.

Depending on the purpose and placement, we offer a great variety of 3D visuals for medical signage from COVID-19 precautionary measures recommended by WHO to safety reminders and instruction animations. We can also create custom 3D holographic content based on your needs and peculiarities

Placement options

Making HYPERVSN signage easily noticeable you can make use of the following usually most crowded places:

  • hospital entrance zones;
  • receptions and lobbies;
  • elevator areas;
  • checking rooms;
  • cafes, etc.
HYPERVSN Holographic Doctor

If you not only want to attract attention but also strive to put words in the minds of your patients you will need someone they can trust. In this case, we have something great to offer.

HYPERVSN holographic doctors are good enough to make people listen and follow the announced health care measures, medical and social recommendations. People love human-like holograms, they like to compare the holographic technology with real consultants and start this game happily.

Holographic doctors can reduce the burden which falls on real staff and this way help fighting the disease more effectively.

Notice that you can use either the ready-made 3D holographic visuals with the COVID-19 precautionary measures recommended by WHO or contact us for some custom announcements.

Holographic doctors in Birmingham Women’s Hospital

One of the real-life cases that describe good use of holographic doctors was Birmingham Women’s Hospital. It is one of only two women’s dedicated hospitals in the UK. The hospital uses HYPERVSN Wall of 9 Devices with custom holographic human content telling visitors about the hospital safety measures during the pandemic.

The 3D content and character created by our in-house Design Studio were enthusiastically received by patients and the staff.

More options

In addition to the medical sphere, HYPERVSN can be used in any area, including retail, HORECA, entertainment, offices, transport, etc. So, when the pandemic ends, you can easily take advantage of it for promoting sales, attracting new customers and visitors, advertising products, telling stories, etc.

To learn more about the awesome HYPERSVN technology, contact us today!

Epson Wireless Screen Sharing

Epson Wireless Screen Sharing

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Epson’s new Wireless Screen Sharing device enhances your productivity by making it easier than ever to share your screen and declutter your meeting space!

1. Plug into a Laptop!

Just plug the transmitter into your laptop
To connect, just plug the transmitter into a USB port on your laptop. No need to worry about wireless settings or cables. No special software needs to be installed. No advance preparation. It’s that easy.

Automatic Start-Up
Epson’s projectors automatically turn on when it is paired with a transmitter connected to a laptop.

2. Click the Button!

Just Click and Share
One click on the app’s button and you are displaying on a big screen.

Intuitive Design
It’s simple enough that anyone can use it without special training. Multi-screen projection and screen hiding are just as easy.

3. Collaborate on the Big Screen!

Share Up to Four Screens on One Big Screen
You can share up to four screens at once on the big screen. Enhance your productivity by comparing multiple documents on the big, easy-to-view screen.

Smooth Screen Switching
Switching to the next presenter’s screen is a breeze. No more interrupting meetings to fiddle with cables or moving to a seat the cable can reach.

To learn more about Epson Wireless Screen Sharing, contact us today!

Catchbox – A Fun Microphone Kids Want to Speak Into

Catchbox – A Fun Microphone Kids Want to Speak Into

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Click here to watch a video on how the Catchbox system is used in classrooms!

When I was in the throws of hybrid learning this past semester, I put out a video on how to manage all the mics and speakers in the classroom. The biggest issue was that my at-home students couldn’t really hear in-person students. My solution at the time was to just have all my in-class kids be on Zoom and unmute themselves.  I just had to make sure I also muted my speakers when students did that so I didn’t get feedback.  It wasn’t a great solution but it was all I could come up with.

In the process of preparing for that video, I came across a company called Catchbox that made a microphone inside of a foam box that could be thrown easily from one person to another.


I brought the Catchbox system to my classroom for the last few weeks of school and the kids loved it.  The kids at home heard everyone clearly and the kids in class all of the sudden had something to say just so they could catch the throwable microphone and speak into it!

Such a simple idea: just tossing something to a student who is about to speak can do wonders for engagement.


Our final staff meetings were all in-person (no one on Zoom).  We meet in a fairly large room and usually don’t need a microphone for the presenter.  We end each year by sitting in a big circle and having folks share things they appreciate and value about their colleagues. Often though, if you’re on the other side of the circle and someone is sharing, you don’t always catch everything they’re saying unless they’re loud and obnoxious like myself. Nothing’s worse than someone on the other side of the circle saying something nice about you and you can’t even hear them so you just nod and smile like an idiot.

I decided to set the Catchbox up so that way whoever had the throwable microphone would come through the sound system in the room.

If you think your classroom or school could benefit from a Catchbox, contact us today!

How to Maintain Good Microphone Hygiene

How to Maintain Good Microphone Hygiene

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Due to COVID-19 pandemic we assembled this note on protecting and cleaning Sennheiser/Neumann microphones and accessories. Especially for vocal and speech recordings, microphones are often used at close proximity to the mouth, possibly also by multiple users.

To reduce the risk of spreading diseases through bacteria and viruses, one or more remedies, explained in detail below, may be used:

  • ideally, have just one user per microphone (including the accessories)
  • after or before use, clean all surfaces, i.e. microphone housings, head baskets and accessories
  • leave the microphone unused for some time period
  • utilize accessories such as windshields and thin plastic film bags to add protection
Cleaning the microphone housing

For cleaning Sennheiser/Neumann microphone housings from soiling including human exhalations, you may use ethyl alcohol (ethanol) or isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol). Used as a disinfectant, typically a 70% solution is used. Apply with a disposable soft cloth, a soft brush or paper tissue. Make sure that the liquid is applied only to the outside of the microphone and does not enter the inside or the capsule.

Do not use rough materials which might scratch the surface. Do not use any solvents stronger than ethanol or isopropanol, as these might damage the surface.

Never use sprays, as these can deposit on the membrane and thus damage the microphone capsule!

Cleaning removable microphone head baskets

With some microphones, the head basket can be easily removed for cleaning. Make sure not to touch or damage the capsule!

With the head baskets containing foam windshields, remove the inner foam and clean it separately as described below.

Metal head baskets can then be cleaned also on the inside with ethanol or isopropanol. You may also immerse the head basket in clean, hot water (e.g. 70°C/160°F). Do not use the dishwasher. Let the basket dry out completely before re-assembly.

To learn a more indepth solution for microphone hygiene, click here!

BenQ Partners With Meeting Room 365

BenQ Partners With Meeting Room 365

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BenQ partnered with Meeting Room 365; the scheduling and productivity software suite is now natively integrated into BenQ’s corporate large-format displays, including its CP Series DuoBoard interactive displays and CS Series smart presentation displays. The partnership is an attempt to get enterprise and small- and medium-sized business-level UCC applications and tools into the BenQ platform.

By implementing Meeting Room 365, BenQ’s DuoBoard and CS Series now display a weekly meeting schedule, organizer and subject matter information. Meeting participants can also access Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Exchange and Google Workspace via Meeting Room 365 integration.

Moama Lights – Immersive Light and Sound Installation

Moama Lights – Immersive Light and Sound Installation

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Nestled on the banks of the Murray River, Echuca Moama has long been the ideal weekend getaway for families, couples and friends thanks to its scenic landscapes, paddle steamers, lively spirit, and the perk of being not too far from Melbourne to warrant a little getaway.

Coined Moama Lights, this three-week celebration of art, light, and all things Moama will see the Murray River come to life in a dazzling, glowing wonderland in the form of an immersive sound and light trail.

Starting at the underside of the Echuca Moama bridge, every night from May 8-22 the 600-metre trail will highlight the natural beauty through Horseshoe Lagoon before finishing at the Murray River.

The event will explore three different chapters of Echuca Moama’s story – its Indigenous heritage, subsequent European colonisation and finally, modern-day Echuca Moama – with light installations and projections including theatrical fog, strobe,s and cutting-edge moving light technology.

Set against the backdrop of a beautiful bush setting, prepared to be truly mesmerized by a field of illuminated native flowers, an ever-changing display of spectacular colours, twinkling stars, floating leaves and local art across the Murray River.

What you need to know!

– Moama Lights is a three-week celebration of art, light, and all things Moama
– Every night from Saturday May 8 until Saturday May 22, captivating light installations will transform Horseshoe Lagoon and tell the story of Echuca Moama through light and sound
– Moama Lights is a free event

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