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Samsung Partners with Golden State Warriors to Install NBA’s Largest Centerhung LED Scoreboard at Chase Center

Samsung Partners with Golden State Warriors to Install NBA’s Largest Centerhung LED Scoreboard at Chase Center

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Samsung Electronics America helps the Golden State Warriors tip off the 2019-20 NBA season with a partnership that is revitalizing sports venues. Basketball’s newest arena, Chase Center, is a world-class sports and entertainment venue providing incredible fan experiences including more than 64 LED video displays including the largest centerhung video display in the NBA.

“Samsung is committed to changing the way fans experience live events through technology,” said Harry Patz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, B2B Enterprise Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “Our product portfolio lends itself to seamless integration in a variety of industries, including sports applications, and in this case outfitting Chase Center with our displays. We are proud to partner with the Golden State Warriors, an organization that shares the same passion and commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences to their customers.”

“A project of this size and scope doesn’t happen overnight. It took years of planning and working side-by-side with the Warriors organization to ensure that the centerhung structure and LED video displays met all of the weight and engineering requirements to deliver an amazing experience,” said Don Szczepaniak, CEO of PRISMVIEW, A Samsung Electronics Company. “From the stunning outdoor LED Video Displays in the Plaza, to the massive centerhung the Chase Center is a world-class venue. It was an exciting challenge for us. We are very proud and grateful to be a part of this cutting-edge new venue.”

Samsung LED technologies showcase a detailed and realistic picture, ensuring each fan is immersed in the action every seat. The new Warriors centerhung main videoboard adds up to a massive 9,699 square feet of active video display, making it the largest LED video display centerhung installed in a sports arena. The centerhung integrates 15 displays varying from 6.7mm pixel pitch on the main displays and upper halo ring, to 4mm pixel pitch on the underbelly displays, amassing a total of more than 26.3 million individual LEDs.

To elevate the fan experience further, Samsung and the Warriors stepped outside the arena to install the first-ever full outdoor LED display in San Francisco. Fastened to the outer wall of Chase Center’s west entrance, the vibrant display provides a preview of the technology that can be experienced inside. The superior image quality of Samsung’s 10mm LED video display is second-to-none. The displays are built to withstand any environmental elements.

Userful is Your Easy & Powerful Custom Video Wall Solution

Userful turns a standard PC into a flexible and powerful video wall controller that delivers visually stunning video wall displays over the network with unparalleled simplicity and ease, at an affordable price. With Userful you can:

  • Using virtually unlimited simultaneous internal and external content sources
  • …on preset zones across a single video wall
  • …or onto a mix of video walls and digital signs
  • All controlled in real time through Userful’s API or with remote control tools which staff can use to invoke zone and content presets created by Administrators

Industry Standard Hardware

Userful video walls use standard, off-the-shelf server or PC hardware and network zero client devices connected over a standard gigabit Ethernet network. Single install setup turns a standard Intel Core i7 PC into a browser-managed video wall controller. Optionally add extra Nvidia video cards which are used by Userful software to offload video rendering thereby increasing the power of the PC and the number of screens and size of content supported.

Artistic and Grid Configurations

Arrange video walls in standard grid or artistic formats. Rotate individual displays to any angle to create a unique video wall.

Add virtually unlimited content inputs from just about any source: Local CMS player, Live TV, RTSP, RDP, VNC, an interactive desktop or full screen browser or just about any content using one or more HDMI or SDI capture cards.

Configuration Flexibility

Preset zone support allows for the display of simultaneous content streams on specified displays within the video wall which can be changed on the fly as needed.

With a single touch customers can instantly change the content playing on the video wall using a smart phone or tablet.

Powerful Control Features

Userful has a powerful suite of control tools. Administrator can preset zone and content options for all displays, and then staff are able to invoke those presets using a tablet or smartphone switching content and zones across all video walls and displays with a single touch. Userful also allows users to control the mouse and keyboard of an interactive video wall from a smartphone or tablet. Ths effectively turns every video wall into a touch video wall.

The Userful platform began as a virtual desktop solution, reducing the cost and simplifying desktop deployments around the world. Delivering cost effective centralized and virtualized desktops however was just the beginning for Userful. Since then, we’ve developed our software platform to do amazing things for displays of all kinds. Userful also supports high performance video walls, digital signs and locked down kiosks that are easy to manage, cost effective to deploy. From interactive video walls, to artistic, mosaic-style video walls, or simple control room applications, Userful is a high-end video wall controller that makes it easy to synchronize and add intelligence to displays.

Epson’s EB-696Ui Full HD Interactive Projector (Video)

With a brightness level of 3,800 lumens and FullHD WUXGA resolution, the EB-696Ui’s ultra-short-throw design allows you to present large images from a very short distance.

This new projector offers ultimate interactivity by combining finger-touch with dual pen capability. With a brightness level of 3,800 lumens and FullHD WUXGA resolution, the EB-696Ui’s ultra-short-throw design allows you to present large images from a very short distance with minimised shadows and glare. A 16,000:1 contrast ratio and HDMI input means that students benefit from sharp, clear images.

Check out this promotion video for Epson’s new EB-696Ui ultra short throw projector.

The Story Behind Vivi

The Story Behind Vivi

Check out this awesome infographic from Vivi Australia, outlining the brand’s timeline from 1997 until 2017!

Epiphan Pearl – The Ultimate Live Streaming Platform

Epiphan Pearl – The Ultimate Live Streaming Platform

Live streaming is hardly considered a specialty service anymore. Most performance venues are realising it’s virtually a requirement to stay with the times in an increasingly online, inter-connected world. TV channel counts are dwarfed by the gazillion options available live on the Internet, and stream-hosting websites like and have never been busier.

Pearl is a solution that allows you to integrate live streaming functionality without requiring a complete overhaul of your pre-installed AV systems. It’s designed for live video production, and provides switching and recording functionality in addition to streaming. Up to four HD video sources can be connected to the rack unit, all of which can be displayed in a variety of system via HDMI, SDI, or analogue TRS inputs.

Users can facilitate the power of the Pearl to record a session, edit it, and get a package up online within 24 hours with the easy access format, providing simplicity to integrate directly into Final Cut or Premiere Pro. The Pearl can also be custom-branded, giving customers a totally whitelabeled experience to present to their visitors.

Learn more about Epiphan Pearl here.

Real Mirror-like Interactive Signage

Real Mirror-like Interactive Signage

Elevate your traditional mirror into a futuristic, appealing display that brings a ‘wow’ factor to any customer-facing environment. Samsung’s MLE Series display is a multi-functional hybrid display that adds unparalleled clarity and readily-available information to any mirror setting. The polarized film overlay within MLE displays ensures higher transmittance and reflectance in order to attain a more realistic product view. The MLE Series displays add ambience to any retail setting through a sleek, pristine design. With an embedded proximity sensor, built-in WiFi and integrated Samsung MagicInfo software, MLE displays can be leveraged as an all-in-one retail solution, allowing for the displays to become a valuable tool for driving and managing retail sales.


A Captivating Mirror/Signage Hybrid Display

Samsung’s MLE mirror displays create a more engaging and informative customer experience by combining the power and reach of digital signage with the visual clarity of a standard mirror. Featuring high (55 percent) reflectance, the MLE displays clearly portray both real-time mirror imagery and complementary content with minimal visual impairment. Through improved visual accuracy, the MLE display can serve as a valuable sales tool that persuades and informs customers.

Clearer, More Visible Presentation

The unique composition of Samsung’s MLE mirror displays offers consumers a more realistic and complete product view. Featuring a polarized film overlay, the MLE mirror displays deliver superb transmittance (90 percent) and advanced reflectance (55 percent) that reduce visual distraction. As a result, customers can enjoy clearer and more vivid content than standard half-mirror format alternatives offer while simultaneously receiving higher-performing mirror visibility.

Distraction-Free Design

Samsung’s MLE displays elevate the traditional mirror through a bezel-free design that further keeps viewers focused on reflected and shared content rather than on the signage itself. Additionally, this bezel-free composition grants retail owners added flexibility to take their mirror display arrangements even further. Several MLE displays can be combined into unique, video-wall style arrangements without gaps or inconsistencies between screens, generating endless visual possibilities.

Seamless Mirror and Content Transition

As shoppers approach and depart, the MLE displays’ embedded proximity sensor instinctively transitions between traditional promotional signage and a clear mirror. Retailers can set the sensors to activate once motion is detected at one of three distances (0.7m, 1.0m and 1.5m), while also pre-setting the display to shrink (small-image mode) or expand (full-image mode) featured imagery. Users also have the flexibility to set the shape and position of the expanded or contracted content to match specific motions.

Easy Content Control

Enjoy the versatility of expanded connectivity to mobile devices, from easy media sharing and screen control to simple content mirroring from a tablet or mobile phone to your display. With Samsung MagicInfo content management software, selecting and scheduling software is simple to control with either an RS232 or LAN/WiFi connection.

Powerful System-on-Chip Performance With a Quad Core CPU

Powered by a System-on-Chip (SoC) semiconductor and quad core CPU with 8GB of storage, Samsung’s SMART Signage Platform is an open and integrated player side media platform that provides a powerful, streamlined solution to reduce TCO for digital signage deployments, through savings in hardware, installation and operating costs

Enhanced Connectivity Options

2 USB, DVI, DP, HDMI, Component and Composite inputs provide enhanced connectivity to meet your business’ digital signage needs.

Epson Focuses On Large Scale With Its Brightest Ever Projector

Epson Focuses On Large Scale With Its Brightest Ever Projector

Epson has launched a new lineup of high-brightness 3LCD projectors with a laser-light source. The projectors, which include the EB-L25000U — the world’s first-ever 25,000-lumen 3LCD projector — are also the first to include inorganic 3LCD panels with a laser light source and an inorganic phosphor wheel.

So what does it mean for the consumer? Quality, reliability and flexibility, says Epson.

The new lineup includes a 4K-compatible lens and the world’s first zero offset ultra-short throw lens in five models ranging in brightness from 6,000 to 25,000 lumens.

Those lumens equate to what Epson describes as “a highly efficient light source” making the range suitable for large venues — like auditoriums and concert halls. “Using Epson’s proprietary 3LCD technology, the new projectors are capable of reproducing spectacular images with outstanding levels of colour brightness,” Epsom states.

Inorganic material — like in Epson’s original LCD panels and phosphor wheel — means a high level of light and heat resistance, so the projector can be used for longer periods of time. This range boasts 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use.

The projectors can rotate 360 degrees and are fully tiltable, with a large range of lenses available. Epsom says this “ensures that these projectors can be installed in a wide variety of locations for projection mapping, signage and a host of other applications”.

According to research by Futuresource, the high-lumen projector market is forecast to grow by 125 per cent by 2020. In response, Epson has been focusing heavily on large-scale projection.

“This is the announcement the projector world has been waiting for from Epson,” said Craig Heckenberg, GM of the Business Division at Epson Australia.

“Epson’s 3LCD laser projectors offer customers the outstanding value and performance you would expect from the global projector market leader alongside the very highest quality and sharpness of image. As a result of the benefits that Epson brings to the laser projector market, opportunities and uses for these amazing pieces of equipment continue to grow.”

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Samsung’s Revolutionary New Digital Display Product Range

At ISE 2016, Samsung showcased a wide range of future-focused technologies, including the industry’s slimmest video wall, fine pixel-pitch LED signage, interactive mirror display and transparent OLED display.

Check out the video above for more information.

LG Digital Signage Adds Value & High Exposure

A digital information display system building company is conducting a large-scale project of installing information-delivery signage at Seoul Metro stations, which are crowded all the time. In order to grab the attention of people quickly passing by, it was essential to choose a display with not only a clear image but also balanced color and high resolution from any angle.
“Since it is a large-scale project – installing 500 information delivery signs at 112 Metro stations – we chose LG’s product. LG’s IPS technology has a vivid and lifelike quality. It has no variation or color distortion and its color depiction is very detailed. Moreover, considering the large number of people always present where the signage was to be installed, the IPS panel was perfect for the project since it displays a clear, even image from any viewing angle.”
The LG product used for the project is the webOS 65-inch model just launched this year. As SoC Built-in model, it can play contents simply by plugging a USB without separate media player, making it easy to change and update contents.
Signage can be used as an effective advertising medium, carrying information about nearby shops. The contents can be updated easily and consumers can receive information about the shops close to the station on a wide screen display with a high-quality picture.

The public offered many favorable reviews about the signage at the Seoul Metro stations:

“The quality is absolutely fantastic with the best resolution and clarity.”

“It is the real No.1.”

“It seems to be displaying really vivid images.”

As usability is enhanced, the signage that accurately delivers diverse information through a vivid, high resolution display is becoming a popular advertising medium.

Along the passageway from Trade Center station to COEX, there is an eye-catching digital signage tunnel. Whereas the previous lighted advertisements at stations were static, the digital signage displays attention-getting video advertisements as well as media art.

The media tunnel, made of 126 55-inch IPS interconnected digital signage displays together reaching a total length of 27m, has created the biggest media advertising space in Korea. In addition, it has an action recognition program and interactive contents, enabling various communications with users. The space filled with LG digital signage is gaining attention for its increased advertising effectiveness thanks to its live contents and outstanding interior effect.
A video wall made of LG digital signage can also be seen at the exit of Gangnam station, which has the highest floating population. The applied model is the 55WV70MS, which has improved visibility due to its shine-out technology that provides a clear image even under direct sunlight or bright lighting. Although nine screens are used to compose one large display in a 3×3 format, the entire display overwhelms the space thanks to the ultra-slim bezels, combining to create an immersive viewing experience.
On either side of subway exit stairs, there is a 55-inch display that gives the impression of a photo frame due to the slim bezel. These displays provide up-to-the-minute information as people pass by, and thanks to the IPS panel they can be read from any angle.
A large video wall near the exit and display advertising board next to the stairs provide realistic and vivid contents benefiting the public by presenting necessary information and allowing corporations to maximize their promotion efforts.

LG Digital Signage not only offers advertising solutions but also adds beauty and value to any place. Its advanced technology has displays that are so visually appealing they serve as media art.

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