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Austin Health Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre – Spinal Computer Room

The Royal Talbot Goes with USB Video Conferencing

  • Austin Health

  • June 2018

  • LG 75” Commercial Display Panel, LG 55” Commercial Display Panel, 2x PTZOptics 12X-SDI-G2 1080p Camera, Biamp CR1C Devio Conference Room Dock, x1 Amplifier, x6 In-Ceiling Flush Mounted Speakers, 12RU Equipment Rack, Crestron Control System, Kramer Wireless Streaming Box

Austin Health’s Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Kew is one of three facilities that constitutes Austin Health, located at 1 Yarra Boulevard.

Austin Health reached out to Vision One‘s creative design and installation team to commission a new video conferencing and visual display system in their Spinal Computer Room.

To begin, we installed a new LG 75” Commercial Display Panel to the front wall. This was to be used as the main display for both Patient/VC & in-services/Education presentation modes. Austin Health’s HealthDirect Video Conferencing platform is activated via a local PC, streaming content and data to this central display. To the left-hand-side of the room, an LG 55” Commercial Display Panel was installed on an articulated bracket. This display was installed to show ‘extended desktop’ content, primarily for the use of streaming  patient notes when in Patient Presentation Mode.

A PTZOptics 12X-SDI-G2 1080p Camera was installed above the main display panel on a provided wall bracket. This camera was to be used when in Patient/VC mode. A secondary PTZOptics 12X-SDI-G2 1080p Camera was installed on the wall toward the rear left-hand-side of the main space. This camera’s purpose is to capture a presenter whilst in in-services/Education presentation mode, with a focused and zoomed preset aiming at the designated presenter.

A Biamp CR1C Devio Conference Room Dock with Ceiling-Hanging Microphone was installed to capture all sound within the space while an audio system comprising of an amplifier and 6 in-ceiling flush mounted speakers were also fitted to the ceiling tiles. These speakers were designed to distribute audio evenly throughout the space for all presentation modes. The equipment was housed in an Australian Monitor 12RU equipment rack below the existing cabinetry.

A Crestron touch screen control system was installed to allow users to turn the display panels ON/OFF, select input sources, adjust presets and raise or lower the volume.

A local HDMI wall plate was installed above the cabinet on the front wall, offering an additional source for visiting laptops/PCs.

A Kramer VIA GO Wireless Streaming Device was installed to the rear of the main display. This grants the provision of wireless connectivity, providing seamless data, video, & audio playback from any device, including PC/s, laptops, iPad’s, & all Apple & Android mobile devices.

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