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Meeting Room Conflicts – How to Avoid Them?

Meeting Room Conflicts – How to Avoid Them?

In many companies meetings are part of the employee’s daily routine, so meeting room conflicts seem pretty much inevitable. If you worked in such a company, you are already familiar with how impactful double bookings are for productive meetings. Is there a much simpler way around this? There sure is – by hooking your meeting rooms up with mini LED displays, you can provide all the information your employees need to know while they’re on the move!

Meeting Room Management Solution

The first thing you will need to improve room facilitation is to install a meeting room management solution. There are unlimited options in the marketspace, but the team at Vision One strongly recommends utilising one of the market leaders: Evoko. This is the best way to ensure optimal customer support and also provides you with access to large quantities of information and data sheets to ensure you get the most out of your system.

Meeting Room Displays

Schedules tend to be confusing, so you definitely want to make things easier for your employees. The best way to do that is to install displays in front of every meeting room in your office building. All you’ll need is a device operating within your existing integrated Microsoft Outlook.


The most complete mobile meeting room management system on the market today is Evoko. With their Room Management solution, you will not only receive a complete solution for managing your conference room’s schedule, but also a neat touch-screen device you can use to display information in front of your meeting room.


Although meeting room conflicts cause numerous headaches, they can easily be avoided with the help of meeting room management solutions like Evoko by providing easily accessible information about the schedule.


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