Ubiety Video Collaboration

  • Description

    The human connection defines us. Being present, visible and connected are the most profound aspects that make every person in the world achieve their highest level success. We’ve dedicated ourselves to enabling this for everyone, everywhere.

    Ubiety is the cloud collaboration platform that takes interoperability of video conferencing, web collaboration and phone conferencing to an unprecedented new level with a simplified intuitive user interface.


    Push video to external endpoint

    The beauty of this tool is the bridge knows you are located at this endpoint and you have full call control from the same personal device to manage all aspects of your conference.

    Wireless screen sharing

    When connecting to a Cisco, Polycom or LifeSize endpoint from Ubiety, using wires for content sharing is a thing of the past. From the PC/Mac client or web browser share your content wirelessly to the endpoint and all remote participants with a click of a button.

    Transfer devices mid-conference

    How many times have you been kicked out of that meeting room before you’ve finished your conference call? or start the call on your mobile and when you get to your desk want to transfer the call and upgrade to desktop video?

    With Ubiety you can now transfer the video or audio call from any device mid-call. Within the app simply click to transfer and your call will be magically moved.

    Split audio from video

    Have you ever tried to join a video conference from your mobile device with a weak mobile internet or wifi connection? It’s truly frustrating and you generally give up, abandon the call and switch everything to a phone call. Not how it should be in 2014.

    With Ubiety, you can split the audio from your tablet to your mobile phone via the standard phone network. You still experience the great video and web collaboration on your tablet, but audio is delivered to your phone, guaranteeing consistent audio quality and privacy in a public place. The video and audio are still synced, so when you speak your video window will show as the active speaker to all other participants.

    Phone only conferencing

    Fear not phone warriors, Ubiety is built with global telephony included at its core and at truly unbeatable pricing.

    It has all the features you’ll need. Security and global access numbers you expect and what’s more, you can use Ubiety as a flawless phone conferencing service with the ability to add the incredible web and video collaboration integration if you want.

    Buddy lists

    Search and favorite all other Ubiety users within your organization. See presence of whos online, available or in a call. Also add any video conference endpoint, bridge, SIP URI, Ubiety user or Ubiety coSpace for your own personally created buddy list to click and call.

    Team coSpaces

    Allow fellow team members to join your coSpace virtual meeting room for just a meeting, or permanently. Included is the ability to have persistent chat, not just for the one meeting, but ongoing chat that can be added to at anytime. Great for project based needs.

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