SKU: x18i.

NEC Xtreme Series X18i Direct View LED

  • Description

    NEC’s Indoor LED displays provide crystal clear images for the ultimate visual experience thanks to high quality processing and color matched LEDs. Optimum display resolution can be achieved indoors regardless of viewing distance with pixel spacing options from 1.0 mm to 4.0 mm; plus, the front serviceable module allows easy access and quick maintenance when needed.

    Picture quality is uniform across a seamless image. Designed for vibrant and colorful HDR content visualization, the NEC Indoor LED series is the ideal solution for auditoriums, reception areas, retail stores, control and meeting rooms, museums, broadcast studios and airports or train stations. NEC offers full design & planning services plus post installation support, ensuring you get a custom tailored solution allowing you to focus on what’s most important – your business.


    – 16:9 Modularity allows pixel perfect configuration for FHD, 4k and even 8k resolutions.
    – Cable-Less Panel Interconnection provides quick installation and a slender profile.
    – Front Serviceable and Installable ideal for wall mounted applications.
    – A Wider Viewing Angle enables more vantage points within a given space.
    – Higher Contrast delivers a better viewing experience for detailed content like spreadsheets, medical imagery and CAD drawings.
    – Black SMD LEDs provide a smoother surface, low reflection and high contrast.
    – Auto calibration makes panel replacement speedy without disrupting picture quality.
    – Bonded Resin Face increases durability and reduces the spares required.
    – 100,000 hours lifespan provides a significantly lower total cost of ownership over other technologies.

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