SKU: 86BH5C.

LG 86BH5C 86″ LED Ultra Stretch Display

  • Description

    Ultra Stretch Resolution (3840 x 600)
    With an aspect ratio of 58:9 and the screen’s upscaling will make the most of the 3840×600 pixels.

    Multiple Screens: 4 Divided PBP in Landscape or Portrait
    The Picture-by-Picture (PBP) feature allows you to divide a screen into four parts in landscape or portrait installations.

    58:9 Content Editing
    With the LG SuperSign media editor, you can easily edit images or video clips of original content without any additional editing programs.

    Multiple Content Creation
    Users can edit content that consists of one video and several still images (up to 20) with SuperSign Editor.


    LG 86BH5C 1


    Tiling Scene with Daisy Chain
    This product supports lateral tiling for 1×4 or 4×1 installations (landscape or portrait), and up to a 4×4 installation with a daisy chain configuration.

    LAN Daisy Chain
    The LAN daisy chain allows you to control and monitor devices, distribute content, and even update firmware.

    Easy Installation
    This product supports side brackets for buried installations. The classified in/out port prevents errors when connecting a daisy chain.


    LG 86BH5C 2