Kaptivo Whiteboard Camera – Record, Save and Share Your Whiteboard

  • Description

    Save and Share Any Whiteboard

    Add Kaptivo to any whiteboard. Capture content automatically. Securely share live with anyone.

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    Whiteboard Camera System Digitizes Your Standard Whiteboard

    • Enhance

      Patented image processing enhances whiteboard content by removing smudges, glare, reflections, shadows, and people in front of the board.

    • Share

      Video conference whiteboard integration and online live-stream enables remote visual collaboration across remote teams or classrooms.

    • Save

      Automatic image capture provides crisp, vibrant, and unobstructed images of the board for download of snapshot images and PDFs of change history.


    Changing the Way the World Collaborates

    With over 50 million installed worldwide, whiteboards are immediate, convenient and flexible tools that enrich discussions and improve productivity. Dry-erase boards are a time-tested tool for visual communication in the classroom, boardroom, and office. Kaptivo digitizes the standard, physical dry-erase board for recording content with unprecedented clarity, and easy live sharing of your workflow via any web browser or video conferencing tool.


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