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AOTO Smart Pass Intelligent Temperature Detection and Personnel Access Management Solution

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  • Description
    Fast and Easy approach to:

    • Temperature Screening – contactless
    • Personnel Access Management – Facial recognition, with or without mask. Hassle
    free – no need to remove mask for identity screenings
    • Face-without-mask Detection
    • Data Information Capturing and Storage


    3 Simple Steps01 Capture Face

    01. Capture Face – Detection via face recognition technology
    02. Position Face – If the face is not within the test area, the dotted line flashes. Adjust position till solid line appears.
    03. Information Displayed – If the body temperature is normal, information will be displayed in white. Otherwise, information will be flashing in red with audio alarm. The same applies if mask detection is activated. Alert red flashings and audio alarm will be triggered if without-mask is detected.


    Key Features

    ✔ 8” IPS full-view LCD display
    ✔ Industrial-class binocular camera
    ✔ Live face recognition technology
    ✔ Infrared thermal imaging module, detection distance up to 1 meter
    ✔ Large database, store up to 30,000 records
    ✔ Night detection capability
    ✔ System supports peripheral expansions for personnel access management, attendance
    system, etc such as card and code readers.
    ✔ Support system level, APP + background network level multiple API docking
    ✔ Equipped with WIEGAND interface to work with Access Control
    ✔ 1 year warranty


    Safe and suitable for use in schools, corporate oces, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets,
    retail stores, public areas, etc. Can be wall mounted or installed on various types of stand.

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