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Yarra Ranges Council – CCR AV Fit-Out

Yarra Ranges Council Sees New Wireless Tech in CCR

  • Yarra Ranges Council

  • May 2020

  • Sony 55"/65"/85" UHD BRAVIA Professional Display Panels with Wall Brackets, Custom JED T460 Wall Controllers, Kramer VIA GO Wireless Presentation Devices

The Yarra Ranges offers a mixture of urban and rural communities. Around 70% of the Shire’s population live in the ‘urban’ areas of the Shire that represents approximately 3% of its landmass in the west of the shire. The remaining population is distributed throughout rural areas. There are over 55 suburbs, townships, small communities and rural areas within the Shire, making it one of the most diverse of any municipality in the State.

As part of a recent building development project, the Yarra Ranges Council contracted Vision One Technologies to supply and install a series of display panel technologies in new meeting and presentation spaces.

The room breakdown was as follows:

– Dialogue Booth Deluxe – BT4a – 55”
– Cafe Bar – LG.47 – 2x 65”
– Coordinate – LG.48 – 86”
– Dialogue Room – LG.49 – 86”
– Creative Semi-enclosed tables – J30 & K31 – 2x 65”
– Create Collaborate Rooms – LG.50 & LG.51 – 2x 86”
– Focus Phone Booth – LG.54 & LG.55 – 2x 65”
– Focus Cockpit – LG.55 & LG.56 – 2x 55”

On this occassion, Sony was selected as the council’s brand of choice. Sony Professional Displays combine bright beautiful images in resolutions up to 4K, with easy operation and extensive integration options for any application.

We continued our roll-out of Kramer VIA GO Wireless Presentation Devices by installing new units behind each display panel. VIA GO gives iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC, and Mac users instant wireless connectivity with advanced presentation capabilities. The product features content streaming with crystal−clear mirrored images and stunning video playback and includes iOS, Windows and Android mirroring.

For control, we integrated each system with our custom-made JED T460 Wall Controllers, providing ON/OFF, VOLUME and SOURCE switching functionality.

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