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Toorak College – Lecture Theatre

Toorak College Undertakes Visual Upgrade to Lecture Theatre

  • Toorak College

  • April 2016

  • Epson G Series installation projector, Grandview 160" 16:10 Motorised Smart Screen, RTI Control System, Custom Lectern

Lecture theatres in schools can sometimes be outdated and cumbersome in operation. Such was the case for the staff at Toorak College in Mt Eliza, who had been constantly battling with systems that often didn’t offer practicality, whilst trying to integrate high resolution digital display with antiquated, analogue technology.

The solution? A complete visual upgrade to a modern and seamless digital solution.

Older analogue equipment including projector & screen were replaced with new high resolution, high brightness widescreen technology including an Epson G Series installation projector with custom zoom lens, and a Grandview large 160” 16:10 widescreen motorised projection screen. As well as the visual upgrades, the theatre was also given a C-Bus lighting upgrade to integrate with the proposed new RTI control system.

A custom presentation lectern houses all the required equipment, including the school’s dedicated PC. A 19” PC monitor is integrated into the lectern and acts as a viewer foldback system.

In addition to the Lecture Theatre upgrades, the team also recently upgraded six classrooms with Epson EB-595Wi interactive finger touch projectors, bringing the total upgrades for the college in the past 12 months to 30 classrooms.

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