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Glenroy Learning Centre

A learning centre with advanced technology

  • Glenroy Learning Centre

  • September 2014

  • Epson EB-575Wi, static whiteboards, Australian Monitor 30w powered speakers, JED controller

Vision One was recently commissioned to transform the learning areas at Glenroy Learning Centre.

Removing the pre-existing static whiteboard displays, Vision One technicians fitted 3x classrooms with Epson’s state-of-the-art projection technology, installing the highly popular EB-575Wi interactive ultra short throw projector into each space.

1800x1212mm static whiteboard’s were installed to provide a projection backdrop, providing teachers with dual use and allowing for both whiteboard marker and interactive marker to be used simultaneously.

Each system is fitted with Australian Monitor 30w powered speakers, mounted on either side of the whiteboard to create sonic space and room. Additionally, each system is controlled via the use of the JED projector keypad controller, providing simple ON/OFF functionality and removing the need for remote controls.

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